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The new apartment

17 February 2015

People have been asking how the new place is, and my reply is…


Cold cold cold cold cold! I swear, the only time my hands and feet are not icicles is when I’m standing in the bath and being blasted with 40°C water.

Bugger, dunno is it because it is further up north or the insulation of the house is so poor. WHY IS IT SO COLD?!!!

On the upside, I think the cold is helping me lose weight! I’ve been here less than a week and I’ve already lost 1kg without doing anything special. No changes to my diet or anything! Apart from constantly being half frozen to death, that is. So that must be it.

In other news, I’ve finally finished unpacking the gazillion boxes! (that you might have seen on my instagram)

Here’s a peek of our new place:

This is about 70% of the house. Not pictured is my workspace, the rest of the kitchen, the bathroom and toilet.

Will slowly make this place cosy too! :)

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