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10 March 2013

How do I know? Because!

so warm the tulips are starting to open and wither

I went through an entire day without wearing thermals! Even when I went out! This is a big deal because thermals to me are like underwear to most people (including me, if that was unclear). You can go out without them, but you will feel supremely uncomfortable and unsettled. It’s like the final layer of defense you have against the wild. If you are one of those that likes to go out not wearing underwear, then I suppose you won’t understand. That’s ok. Just… don’t tell me.

I only had to wear one layer for most of the day! As opposed to at least 3 usually.

I didn’t have to switch on any heaters the entire day.

This is the FIRST TIME the windows were opened for ventilation.

I went out without wearing any of the usuals: jacket, scarf, gloves, hat.

Plus, I actually wore shorts out! Look!

I know. I’m a super brave soul.

My hands and feet were not freezing the entire day. Even with heaters on, they are usually still ice-cold.

We could brush our teeth with water direct from the tap! Usually we need to mix it with hot water from the the water boiler.

We didn’t have to sleep with the electric blanket on.

It feels like it’s a heatwave now compared to the days before! It’s still slowly balancing out though. For example, highest today is 23 degrees, but 13 degrees tomorrow -__-

I love Spring and Autumn best out of all the seasons. Not too cold, not too hot. The scenery is also gorgeous!

The things I’m looking forward to in Spring:

  • Strawberry-picking and eating! I soooppeeerrr ♥ strawberries!
  • Hanami!
  • Not having to pad myself with clothes
  • Lower electricity and gas bills! (this is the reality of the CFO of the house!)
  • Breaking out of hibernation in the morning (can’t get of bed because the rest of the house is so cold)

Goodbye, winter! I won’t miss you.
Hello Spring! I’ve been waiting for you!

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