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Shopping in Korea!

1 June 2013

By that, I mean shopping on Gmarket Korea, heh.

Although technically, Korea is just a 2+ hour flight away, so it’s not impossible! One day when I really live the Taitai life, I might just do that!

Fly to Korea, shop, drink some Samgyetang, maybe get a few botox jabs, and fly back on the same day. Haha!

… Back to reality.

What I bought off Gmarket arrived a couple of days ago!

iPhone on top of box for comparison

Eh heh. It’s quite a big box! Weighs almost 7kg. But shipping wasn’t that expensive! For this big box, I paid only 25,000 won. For EMS! It took just one day to arrive in Japan.

The reason why shipping is so low is because Gmarket lets you combine shipping! What this means is that they will receive your orders from all the different sellers, and mail it out together to you, so you only have to pay a single shipping cost! Awesomesauce.

My reason (REASON, not excuse!) for shopping is that it’s going to be summer soon! I really don’t have much summer attire at all. I’m not even kidding.

You know how ridiculous I feel wearing my jeans and thick winter boots to grocery shopping?!

When I moved over, it was autumn, so I brought all the warmest clothing I owned, with a few select pieces of summer-ish clothing. No summer footwear except a pair of slippers. I can’t wear slippers out though. It just feels… wrong.

Strange, huh? Considering we wear slippers everywhere in Singapore!

Anyway, moving on. (why do I always digress to other things -__-;;)

Upon opening the box

First, opening the plastic bags…


The tops are all chiffon, because that’s what summer outfit is to me! Light and cooling! And have the fluttery feel lol.

The material is of decent quality, not those cheapo, flimsy, thin chiffon that you sometimes find.

The sizes also generally fit me quite well! Only the navy blue collar one was a bit too big. I think I assumed I’m M for everything lol. But I’m planning to match it with overalls, so it will be hidden anyway. Lucky!

I also love the little details in tops. You can’t really see (and I’m lazy to photograph, heh), but the navy blue top has a double collar, and textured gold buttons!

The white top with gems has the gems very nicely sewn in. Not like chapalang anyhow sew kind. They’re all nicely positioned! The mint top has a small pleat in the sleeve joint, which is a super small detail, but I like that they bothered to do it!

What’s in this box?


TADAH! Nail polishes for the summer!

The colors are so pretty and happy! On nails, I love Mint the most. It goes perfect with the flakie polish (second from right). I find it doesn’t match the other colors as well.

Take a look:

*not true color. Filtered to hide painting mistakes XD
The colors are much brighter in real life!

I bought the flakie without knowing what it looks like. It looked like this on the website:

MODI No. 91

Can’t really tell what is, right? I also couldn’t find swatches of it online, so I just took a chance. Glad I did, cause I like it!

Do you spot the lonely, out of place bottle on the extreme right? That was quite different from what I expected. It looked like:

MODI No. 44

I thought it was a metallic color, but it’s not! It’s a non-metallic taupe. Not even shimmery or anything.  Just plain ‘ol taupe. Sigh. I was misled by the lighting on the edited photo.

I wanted it to be my Finnick (from Hunger Games) color, but it was not to be :(
Maybe I should just buy the “official” color from China Glaze, huh?

On with the rest of the shopping!

SKIN79 BB cream

I only bought the tube on the right, but they were super generous and gave me so many samples! 8 sachets and a small tube of snail BB cream. (haha, yes, snail. I can see the guys reading this scrunching their faces)

Super wu hua can! (Hokkien for “value for money”)

Next up, no outfit is complete without bags!

These bags are pretty good quality! Each comes with 2 straps of different lengths, so it’s a nice touch. I do find that the strap of the black bag is too thin though. I hope it won’t be too uncomfortable when the bag is filled with stuff…

Finally, the things that made the shipment box so big!

So sparkly! Love!


Spare set of heels included! Perfect for me because I always wear them out so quickly.
Btw, noticed I bought something in mint for every category? My latest favorite color!


My first pair of chunky heels. But it was love at first sight!


Who says black boots are not summer-ish? They are if you want to have an edgy summer outfit!

All together now!

At last, I am equipped for summer!

I realized I forgot to buy my Galaxy phone cover, and I also have some credit left over due to combined shipping… I guess I have no choice but to shop again soon! ;D

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