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The Last Wisdom

1 May 2015

I DID IT!!! I removed my final wisdom tooth yesterday!

The tooth was fully buried below the gum, and horribly slanted, so this is what they told me had to be done: Slice open the gum, file down bone, break tooth, extract tooth pieces, suture.

When the dentist was explaining, I was trying my best to not pay attention, because FOR SURE I will vividly imagine what is going on during the surgery. During the previous wisdom tooth extraction, there was a live commentary going on in my head the entire time lor!

“Ok, the big fat needle (with an evil shiny glint) is going into the gum now.”
“The surrounding area is slowly becoming numb, and the dentist is using a tool to prod and check.”
“All ready to be cut up now!”
“Lifting the flap of gum, the dentist is lower the pliers to extract the tooth…”


Even thinking about it now gives me the heebeegeebees! My imagination itself makes things a bajillion times more horrible than the actual surgery ugh.

This time, I really didn’t want to be tortured by my imagination again, so the moment he finished the explanation, I asked if it’s possible for them to operate while I was asleep.

I expected them to laugh and say no. “Such a simple surgery also need to sleep?! *sniggers*”

But you know…



Turns out it IS possible!

I had to go to another department that handled it and sit through another lengthy explanation of the procedure, the possible risks and side effects, etc. Japanese are very thorough in everything and make sure you understand what you’re in for, whether it be a handphone contract or a surgery.

And they have like a few thousand rules.

Cannot wear make up (because they won’t be able to judge my condition via my face color), cannot wear nail polish (because the thing that they clip on the finger might not be able to function accurately). Cannot eat from midnight of the surgery day, cannot drink water from 2 hours before surgery, because it’s possible the medication might induce nausea and I will choke on my own vomit and die. Even if don’t die, the lungs might get infected, etc o_O Say until like so scary like that!

I was also told to bring slippers and a towel on the day of the surgery, and the way they kept reminding me, it’s as if the surgery will be severely compromised if I didn’t bring them. But actually, the slippers are just so that it is easy to take off and put on when getting on/off the operating chair, and the towel is just to keep me warm -_-||

Japanese a bit kua zhang sometimes lol.

The day arrived, and I went off to the hospital alone…

Even though they will induce drowsiness, I was still quite apprehensive, because when I asked if I will completely fall asleep, they said usually people don’t, and will have an inkling of what is going on, even though things are fuzzy. Some people also get awoken during the procedure when the dentist tugs at the tooth during the extraction. *cringes*

I really, really hope I will fall asleep! To increase my chances, I slept as little as I could (only 5 hours instead of my usual 12) so I will be tired during the operation hahaha.

Distracting myself with photos while waiting. Brought the all-important towel they requested. Fu bought it from Singapore Zoo for me haha.

They finally called me into the surgery room and I sat down on the chair.

They checked my condition again (already checked earlier) which involved verbally asking me, taking temperature as well as blood pressure. Upon confirming everything was ok, they proceeded to start the surgery.

First, they put me on drip.

Next, they put the nose tube on me.

EH. Even when I had a major 6-hour operation in the past in Singapore also no nose tube. These people really very serious -_-

Then they said they were going to inject the medicine to induce drowsiness. After they were done, I waited for the drowsiness to creep in.

I waited, and waited.

Omg, was I the type not to get drowsy? Please please please no…!



I took a moment to assess my situation, and judging by the fact that I was back in the bed and half my mouth was numb, it could only mean…

The procedure was over!!! I slept through the whole thing!!!

Easiest extraction ever! Mad happy, can?!!

Despite the fact they took tooth, gum and bone, the pain is minimal!

Can I gross you out and show you the tooth? Of course I can! HEHEHEH.

Ok la, I’ll link it instead of displaying so I don’t get cursed at lol. There are bits of gum and stuff. You know you wanna see it!

And they always lie lor. Said will break up tooth but end up always extract it in full form. Freak me out for nothing!

The whole thing including surgery (5 staff on site!) + sleepy medicine + borrow their bed for 2.5 hours + medicine was $50 还有得找! Super cheap, right?!

Fu and Haru picked me up and we headed to a supermarket to buy food for my soft-solids diet the next few days. It’s actually quite delicious! I have… chawanmushi, egg tofu, pudding, milk, yoghurt, fruits and veggies for green smoothie, miso soup, and… doughnuts. Hahaha.

I smelled doughnuts while in the mall and HAD TO HAVE THEM.

The result:

Flatten them so that I can fit them into my mouth :D

But yeah, just so happy all of them buggers (the wisdom teeth, not doughnuts) are finally out of my life forevvvvver!



  • Reply yy 3 May 2015 at 12:41 am

    OMG is that a MR DONUT PON DE RINGGG. ;____; I WANT IT ;___;

    Ya, I know you’ll just smile (evilly) and tell me to come to Japan… Your latest post is already making me want to spontaneously fly to Japan in May…!

    • Reply Rin 3 May 2015 at 2:14 am

      Yes it isssssss! A smushed up one, that is lol.

      You should go with your spontaneity, you know? >;D

      • Reply yy 3 May 2015 at 2:12 pm

        hahaha…maybe i will?? and also I forgot to say (distracted by donut) congrats on getting all your wisdom teeth out! I’m kinda envious, your experience sounded so painless and ..easy!! I had to sit through hours of drilling and tooth-splitting and pressure on my jaw!

        • Reply Rin 4 May 2015 at 12:48 am

          Yeah man! This was my most complicated extraction by far, but the easiest on me! I’m suuuuper glad I asked if it’s possible to sleep!

          And is that a cue for me to bombard you with random pictures throughout the day so as to ehm, encourage your spontaneity? :D

  • Reply karen 31 May 2015 at 4:48 pm

    I am so so Sooooo jealous! I desperately need to remove my wisdom teeth (4 of them) but my bank will break down doing it in Australia. recently had to go dentist to clean my gums and it cost me freaking AUD$300 ( I hate you dentist!).

  • Reply Rin 2 June 2015 at 4:59 pm

    YIKES! That’s freakin’ expensive!

    And you’re so wise… still have all four of them lol. But man, good luck. You have to suffer pain both in your mouth and your heart (cause $$$)

  • Reply johnson 2 May 2023 at 5:45 pm

    The whole thing including surgery (5 staff on site!) + sleepy medicine + borrow their bed for 2.5 hours + medicine was $50 还有得找! Super cheap, right?!

    Is this the subsided fees from the residences card?

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