Slappy Cakes – All-day breakfast in Tokyo

31 January 2014

I LOVE breakfasts. Scrambled eggs, french toast, poached eggs, orange juice, soft-boiled eggs, buttermilk pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, fresh cup of milk with cereal and fruits, mmm!

I just don’t like to wake up in the mornings to eat it.

In the first place, why is breakfast served only till 10.30 or 11am, HUH?! McDonald’s and Burger King, why???

Breakfast is just the first meal which breaks the fasting period (when we sleep). If I wake up at 3pm, then my breakfast is at 3pm! Feel so discriminated against just because I don’t conform to the “norm” tsk.

Which is why I absolutely adore places with all-day breakfast! They accept me for who I am! ^o^

However, I had a helluva difficult time finding a place that serves brunch or all-day breakfast in Tokyo! It was either available only on weekends, or located at some ulu, inaccessible place.

In case you didn’t know, a traditional Japanese breakfast is:

Rice, Miso soup, Seasoned seaweed, Natto (fermented bean), Salmon

Rice, Miso soup, Seasoned seaweed, Natto (fermented bean), Grilled salmon

Yes, rice.
And yes, grilled fish.

So that may be one reason why it’s challenging to find all-day breakfast in Tokyo (or Japan, really).

One day, I was REALLY craving an all-day breakfast meal and didn’t want to cook it myself (it’s just not the same when you have to cook and serve yourself breakfast!) I shortlisted Sarabeth’s, but when I reached the restaurant in Shinjuku, I was told there is a 1+ hr queue! D:

Crestfallen, I quickly googled again and bless the chef’s hat, I found one more in Shinjuku as well!

I arrived at Slappy Cakes close to 3pm and was seated immediately at the counter – the place for the ownsome lonesome people.

But it’s ok. I’m not alone. I have my breakfast! :D

Salmon Benedict

Salmon Benedict

I’ve been craving it for so long I nearly wept tears of joy when I had my first forkful! I felt like a man dying of thirst in the desert and given his first sip of water. Yes, that kind of feeling! Not even 夸张-ing.

Everything was delicious, except the red onions hidden beneath the poached egg. But I’m not an onion person, so what do I know.

The potatoes look dry in the photo, but they’re actually not at all dry. On the contrary, they were moist and nicely seasoned! I’m also not much of a potato person, but I actually ate a lot of potatoes, considering!

End of conquest

End of conquest

I was stuffed beyond what is decent. I could not eat even a tiny piece of potato more. But I was a happy, happy girl! :T

I finally found a place for all-day breakfast in Japan! Super accessible, delicious and reasonable prices! XD

A portion of the menu

A portion of the menu

I went back several times, and even brought Fu there. He loved it too! Hehe.

Oh, and imagine my surprise when I saw this on one of my visits:

Slappy Cakes in Singapore too!

Slappy Cakes in Singapore too!

The kaya pancake platter looks kinda gross la, and so bo-hua so I didn’t try.

Oh yeah, they’re also called Slappy Cakes, whereby the “Cakes” comes from pancakes, something they are famous for. But I haven’t tried it yet, so can’t comment!

Slappy Cakes (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Official website
  • How to get there: JR Shinjuku, East exit. After exiting ticket gates, turn left immediately. There should be the lifts for the Lumine Est building. Take it to level 7. Search for Slappy Cakes!

Slappy Cakes (Tokyo, Singapore)

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