J.S. Pancake Cafe

12 June 2015

On our neighbourhood exploration of Jiyugaoka, we randomly came across this cafe and the menu and cafe was so good looking it convinced us to stop there for tea.

For those who are new to Journal Standard, J.S. is a Japanese brand that focuses on casual wear and incorporates inspiration from American fashion into their creations.

I’m not sure how they got into pancakes (and apparently burgers, since they have a separate burger cafe too), but I’m not too fussed about details as long as it’s good!

Clothing on floors 1 and 2, cafe on the 3rd floor

Ok la, I’ll be honest. I didn’t take these photos. I simply took photos of the photos in the menu lol.

There. Full credit given.

The photos were so nice even Carys was snapping away voraciously! It’s normal for me to take one bajillion and five photos of everything, but to see her doing it? Quite a refreshing sight indeed!

I think the wait staff probably thought we were industrial spies or something, snapping not only all the pages of the menu, but individual photos in the menu as well lol.

Anyway, enough about the menu. How about the real thing?

We ordered a Strawberry & Banana French Pancake to share, because like… french pancake?! I don’t know what it is but I’m very intrigued! (Ok, just realized that google will tell you that a french pancake is crepe, but this most certainly is not crepe!)

TADAH! Told you it’s not crepe. It’s actually pancake, cooked french toast style!

And omg, it’s so delish.

The pancakes are of the perfect density without being overwhelming and making you feel like you’re just eating flour and water. Then there’s sugar/syrup crystallised on the pancakes that adds a delightful crunch and beautifully contrasts the softness of the pancakes. As a finishing touch, the pancakes are given a light dusting of icing sugar and chopped nuts. Of course, not forgetting the fruits, sweet whipped cream, ice-cream and preserve on the side.

It might be too sweet for some (like Carys lol), but I have a sweet tooth and I LOVED it!

Still, even though it was too sweet for her (her tolerance for sweet stuff is basically zero la. I’m not even exaggerating -_-) she said it was an interesting take on pancakes and pretty good! To this end, she even managed to finish half a pancake, which is a profound achievement in itself.

The cafe is a nice place to chat while enjoying the pancakes or the scenery below (if seated by the windows).

I think I might bring Fu here next time! (totally craving the pancakes now ._.) Hmmm, or actually maybe the burger cafe instead since he’ll enjoy it more…

Anyway, if you enjoy pancakes, this is definitely a place I recommend!

J.S. Pancake Cafe
1-8-7 Jiyugaoka, 3F
Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: Jiyugaoka
(see other branches on website)

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