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28 July 2014

Bought the most expensive air ticket in my life today… Three freakin’ thousand freakin’ eight hundred dollars!

Let me repeat that more coherently in numerals… $3800!!! :O

The price is one thing. After looking at 3k+ prices for a few days, I’m already desensitised and view it as a “normal” price.

I’m more annoyed at the fact that ANA demoted their previously generous baggage allowance from 23kg x 2pcs to just 1pc ACROSS THE BOARD. In the past there used to be a special 2pc concession for travellers flying to and from USA.

Besides, isn’t there some kind of logic flaw to allocating to a person holding a short stay ticket same baggage allowance as a person holding a long stay (65 days – 12 months) ticket??? That’s like saying a person will carry as much baggage for a week as he would in a YEAR. Ridiculous.

ANA was my favorite airlines for a long time because their service has always been excellent and they won about a million brownie points when they served Häagen-Dazs for dessert after a satisfying dinner. That, and the 2-pc baggage allowance. They’ve certainly lost some points with this trip though!

To counteract this baggage issue, my plan is simple.

  • Bring nothing.
  • Buy everything.


I can’t wait to shop! No more ridiculous USD 50 shipping fees. Now it’s more like USD 5, if that! ^o^

And the outlet malls! The outlet malls in Japan are honestly quite stingy with discounts and I wanna see how deep the discounts can really go in the states! (even though I may not even buy haha)

First time to the states and quite excited about it! We’ll be there for a couple of months cause Fu has training there :D

We’re headed to…

Can you guess which state it is? (no googling!)

Flying in a week’s time! Very soon, eh? Next week this time I’ll be on my happy way to America! Oh, and apparently on my round trip I’ll be gracing 6 different airports. Fun times ahead.

With all the planning that’s been going on lately (plus Fu has holidays due to the gap between jobs), I haven’t even had time to do up posts on the recent Hokkaido trip, but it seems like there will be incoming USA posts as well! D:

But well… apart from the guilt (?) of not posting as quickly or as often enough, I’m really looking forward to the coming months!

Hello adventures! :D


  • Reply zhen 30 July 2014 at 10:43 am

    I wanna shop at the outlet malls tooooo….. *cries*

    • Reply Rin 1 August 2014 at 10:42 pm


      But I really hope the outlet malls there will be more fun (for me)!

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