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Lavender farms in Furano

31 July 2014

When one thinks of lavender in Hokkaido, Furano is the first place to come to mind, because they have many, MANY lavender farms.

On our latest trip to Hokkaido, we managed to visited several lavender farms in Furano!

We were told that the best time to view lavender in Furano this year was around July 15. When we arrived about a week later on July 22, even though it was past the peak, the flowers were still plenty beautiful and thankfully still in full bloom!

Here are the farms we visited and the awards given to them (by me).

Most Picturesque Lavender Farm in Furano

The award goes without question to Farm Tomita ファーム富田.

This is half the farm. The other half is made up purely of lavender.

The farm is very neat and pretty, with straight-out-of-postcard views.

It is hands down the most famous and most popular lavender farm in Furano. Almost every single travel agency tour package out there makes a stop at Farm Tomita!

Due to its popularity, it was VERY CROWDED. The parking lots are backed up with cars and countless huge tour buses with tourists pouring forth from them.

We arrived when it was nearing closing time yet it was still so crowded. Wouldn’t want to imagine how it would be when it’s earlier!

Still, no one can deny that it’s a pretty farm!

How to reach Farm Tomita: http://www.farm-tomita.co.jp/en (English)


Most Fun Lavender Farm in Furano

The moment we arrived in Furano, we made a beeline for Farm Tomita (because it’s so famous and all), but while driving, we passed by and were sorely tempted to stop by Nakafurano Lavender Park 北星山町営ラベンダー園



… you get to take a lift to the top of the park!!!

In winter, Furano transforms into a winter wonderland for skiers, but in summer, the ski lift takes on the role of a handy ride for lavender viewers!

We rushed over from the previous Farm Tomita to this park and managed to buy lift tickets literally a minute before the counter closed! Japanese are extremely particular about adhering to rules, so had we arrived even half a second late, I think they would refuse to sell the tickets to us!

Up, up and away!

At the very top!

It’s really a spectacular sight being able to look out over the town while still enjoy gorgeous views of the flowers!

It’s definitely the most fun farm we visited because we got to take a lift, enjoy splendid views of not just the flowers, but the town, and we get to go INTO the lavender fields!

Definitely every camho’s (even non-camho!) dream come true!

The most beautiful flower amongst the flowers (bahahaha!)

Scenic on the way down too! But for photo-taking, it’s definitely better on the way up.

How to reach Nakafurano Lavender Park: http://www.f-la.info/farm/hokuseiyama.html (Japanese)


Most Unique Lavender Farm in Furano

The award goes to Furano Wine ふらののワイン being the (only?) farm that is open for viewing lavender at night!

We were actually brought here by the guide of a night-walking tour we signed up for. Local knowledge is definitely important for things like these!

He also taught us how to smell the lavender.

Yes, that’s right. HOW to smell lavender.

I imagined that when I walk into a huge lavender field, I would be enveloped in the calming lavender scent. That sounds reasonable, right?

But the fact is… you hardly smell anything in a lavender field!

The best way to smell it, as taught by a local:

  1. Take a bunch of lavender and pat it gently between your hands (gently! don’t kill the poor plants)
  2. Cup your hands around your nose
  3. INHALE.

My expression may resemble a drug addict in the second photo, but I assure you that’s really my calmed-by-lavender face.

Some happy group photos!

How to reach Furano Wine: http://www.furanowine.jp/en (English)


  • Reply Dale 2 August 2014 at 12:23 am

    Thanks for your advice.
    Hm maybe I should go more South of Japan instead of Hokkaido since I can only travel in November this year.
    I love your Lavender pictures and wow the night ones actually turned out so beautifully !!

    I await your posts:) I remember not too long ago trying to look up about Hadacrie and that was how I found your blog and since then I’ve been hooked haha.


    • Reply Rin 2 August 2014 at 2:53 pm

      Hello Dale! I guess it all comes down to what you want to see and experience in Japan! November is great for viewing autumn leaves! Here is a photo I took last year :D

      Yeah, the place was lit up and we could take pretty decent photos!

      Hehe, thank you ;D

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  • Reply Ly 16 September 2016 at 11:04 am

    You really do take such beautiful pictures! The trip up the farm looks really fun, looks almost like zip lining or so. The pictures in the dark looks nice too, but it would be more funny if there’s a ufo space craft in the back ground. Perfect for a night out, huh? =D

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