Oh happy days!

22 August 2014

Happiness is such a simple thing.

Yesterday, I hooked up our Apple TV (which we brought from Japan) to the hotel’s wifi. With one phone call to the service provider to register the MAC address and one quick sign up to Crunchyroll (‘s free Premium trial, heh), the TV was rocking the latest anime episodes!!!

The fact that I could kick back and marathon my favorite anime shows left me literally beaming and supercharged with happiness the entire day! :D :D :D

I managed to watch about 9 episodes worth before Fu swung by after work to pick me up to go out.

Fueled by yesterday’s grand success , I redid it today and spent the day nua-ing and watching anime again, hehe.

SO. CONTENT. ^o^ I guess I’m really an otaku at heart!

Honestly, I think if not for my love for experiencing new things (which involves going out), I will be a total hikikomori (shut-in hermits).

As it stands, I already have no need to step out of the house. When I’m in Japan (or USA, it appears), the internet allows me to have a perfectly self-sustainable environment without leaving the house! I already buy almost everything online – Clothes, shoes, skincare products, groceries, you name it! I can also work online if I chose to. Not forgetting that I dislike going out during the day (EVIL SUN!) in the first place, and by the time I’m ok with going out, most shops are closing anyway. I “meet” all my friends virtually, so there is no need to go out. And GERMS. Not having to go out vastly reduces my exposure to other people’s germs!

HAHAHA. Does this whole thing sound scary to you?

I know some people cannot stand the idea of staying in the house for even a full day. I guess I’m just the opposite!

In addition to my happy anime-watching session, this was another thing that made my day today!


I’ve been receiving at least one package every day, but this is the most number of packages to date! (I told you I had no need to go out. Everything gets delivered to my door step! Or in this case, the front desk.)

The top package is a really special package, sent from a dear friend here in the USA :)

Honestly, I would have been happy with a letter – yes, people still write letters. it’s not an urban legend – but she went the extra mile many times over and sent the most lovely package packed to the brim with love!

Thank you so much SMM for thinking of me and sharing with me your favorite things! ;D

So you see, it really doesn’t take much to make me a happy, happy girl!

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    Let me know when you want to meet my friend

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