My first step into formal Japanese-English translation work!

2 April 2014

YEEEEEEAHHH! Today marks the first day I earned anything for translation!


My first ever approval email!

I literally jumped for joy (now I really know what the phrase means) when the job I submitted was approved!

I took an age just to translate a short, simple piece because I was wanted to get everything right! Haha.

But I will get better and better! BUAHAHAHA.

Ok, that’s the end. I just wanted to write this down for posterity’s sake :D

I will blog about Korea soon! So much I wanna write about! I just need to organise my thoughts and sort through the few thousand photos we took. I kid you not. We really took upwards of 2,000 photos. That’s an average of… 200 photos a day. T_T

Dunno who’s the crazy person who took so many photos…

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