Learning how to gamble in Las Vegas

10 September 2014

By that, I meant learning *HOW* to gamble in Las Vegas.
Not learning how to gamble IN Las Vegas.

Which means… we sat down at the Blackjack table to gamble without even knowing the proper rules!

The dealer had to teach us and at times even ask us “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” and sometimes when we are too clueless for them to handle, even telling us straight “I wouldn’t do that” LOL we were so noobshit I think the dealers felt embarrassed winning our money! Also, I think they could tell us all these because although there were security cameras watching, they couldn’t capture sounds! Heh.

Now, the question is: How on earth is it possible we didn’t know how the rules to a basic game like Blackjack?

We were super confused too! Why were the rules so different from what we’ve been playing all our lives during Chinese New Year gatherings?!

The answer is: What we’ve been playing is NOT Blackjack. It’s Chinese Blackjack or more affectionately known as “bun-luck” (Hokkien).

There are so many rule differences between the two that it totally boggled our minds at first. Fortunately we picked the with the Blackjack table with the lowest minimum bet ($15) so we didn’t lose too much while learning the rules!


Payout in Blackjack when we get a Blackjack (is this confusing yet? lol) is 1.5x not 2x like in BL.

Double Aces

When I got double Aces, I went “YAY!!!” After all, it’s a bun-bun!!!

But eh. Not in Blackjack. No triple payout! WHAAAAAT! D:

We can add another bet and split the Aces, resulting in 2 hands though. But that’s it.

The true Blackjack

When I got this, my eyebrows rose about a meter above my head.

I actually got THE Blackjack, and at a CASINO to boot!!! KA-CHIIIIIINNG!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ come to mama!

But apparently nothing special happens.
You still only win 1.5x. FML.


Triple 7s

If we got three 7s in BL, the payout will be 7x. Not in Blackjack.

No minimum points

This was the weirdest. Unlike in BL where our hand needs to be at least 16 points, I could stay on just 12 points and win in the end if the dealer goes bust!

No maximum hand

There was once Fu drew up to 5 cards and still hasn’t gone over 21 points. We were all YES!!! and looked at the dealer expectantly. The dealer was like “What?”

In BL, once we reach 5 cards without busting, we get twice the payout! No such thing here :A

10-point Ace

In BL, when we have 3 cards and one of them is an Ace, it can be counted as a 10.

No such thing in Blackjack. It’s always either a 1 or 11.


Fortunately for us, we met with very nice and patient dealers! That, and it was a slow morning. I don’t think they could have done the same if we were there during a busy period.

So yes, we learned how to play Blackjack, complete with gestures (for the security camera to record in case of disputes). All 3 of us who played all left with winnings!

This was Fu’s and my effort:

I won about $200 whereas Fu won about $100! :D :D

Not bad for beginners, eh? Although there was the feeling that the dealers we played with were letting us win LOL. But no la! I really felt I was getting the hang of the game!

Unlike in BL, the idea in Blackjack is NOT to win the dealer. It’s to know when to stay and when to hit. Of course, also to poh the dealer goes bust. LOL.

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