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10 September 2014

I feel like this blog is becoming a travel blog!

When I’m not on travels, I’m writing about it, or doing research for upcoming/potential travels.

Take for example yesterday; I spent the entire day researching the best hotel to stay in to see the falls – YES THE NIAGARA FALLS! OMG I’m mad excited! Wanted to see it ever since Fu gushed about it after visiting it *ahem* ALONE in 2007. Ok la, he was there on a conference, but still!

I was also looking into the viability of going on a Caribbean cruise, possibility of flying to California (San Francisco?) for a bit, since almost everyone we spoke to here seems to lurrveee California. Really! Whenever I asked what their favorite state is, I always got California as a reply!

Then there’s the drive to Houston to plan for, places I wanna check out in Austin… ahhhh!

It sounds like I’m bragging (maybe just a little? HAHAHAHA) but that wasn’t the intention. Just that I realize my blog is all travel-related of late. I don’t even have time to write about other things anymore!

For example, my random sprouting nonsense whatever comes to mind posts! Ok, maybe no one misses reading them, but I enjoy writing them! I’m always entertained by myself whenever I re-read them. Is that sad? Or maybe that’s actually true skill – Being able to entertain yourself. HAHA! Or madness.

Then there are my beauty posts! Bought a truckload of things (front desk receiving my packages can testify) in which I discovered some awesome finds! Wanna share them but the travel posts always get priority :S

The worst thing is everyday my brain continues to go compose posts all by itself in my head. Especially when I’m lying on the bed and trying to fall asleep T___T Thanks brain.

My backlog is growing out of control… I even have posts from the Hokkaido trip in July that I want to write about but haven’t. *whispers* I even have stuff backlogged from the Seoul trip in March… but I think I might have to give that one up.

Which makes me wonder… How do people who churn out several posts a day (!!!) do it? Am I just a bloody slowpoke?

I need time to shortlist photos, trim down the selection (because we take a lot of photos!), edit the photos, plan the post, do some background research, write it, check for flow, adjust it, sometimes add more photos if needed, edit said added photos, continue writing, edit it, [preview it, edit it some more]*recursively until I’m satisfied, before finally publishing it.

I wish I could discover some secret way to halve the time on writing these posts. In my head they all come to me so quickly like *snap fingers*

So why then does it take 2830136 times longer for it to materialize digitally?!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

Here’s an idea… How about you GO WRITE THE FRIGGIN’ POSTS instead of wasting time complaining about how you have no time to write them?!!

Just want to complain a bit, can?! Sheesh, such slave drivers. I’ll go work on them now, happy??? *grumbles* Can’t even get a bit of sympathy these days…

ps: They say having imaginary conversations/arguments with oneself are the beginning signs of insanity. Don’t listen to them crazy scaremongers.

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