Our schedule

26 September 2014

Fu and I were discussing upcoming events last night and I realized our schedule is so fully packed!

For this week

Monday – Drove to San Marcos outlets again because the silly boy said he wanted to buy me something for our anniversary ;D Only had 2 hours there instead of 12 hours like before since we went after work. Bought windbreakers, which was what we were shopping for! Haha, were you expecting a handbag or something more romantic?

Tuesday – Celebrated our anniversary

Wednesday – Played table tennis

Thursday – Went for Krav Maga

Friday (today) – Invited for steamboat at Fu’s coworker’s!

Saturday – Road trip to Houston

Sunday – Table tennis lessons


Next week

Monday – Krav Maga

Tuesday – Go kart racing!!!

Wednesday – Table tennis

Thursday – San Marcos outlets again. To utilize the vouchers we got previously lol.

Friday~Monday: CANADA!!!


After that, we will be entering our final month in Austin.

I think Fu will miss Austin a lot, because he loves the work-life balance here, that he gets to drive (an awesome car) everywhere, that there is so much for him to do here! But it’s ok. I think (hope?) work will be roughly the same in Tokyo office, we uh, have our rental cars back in Tokyo and we’ll go find table tennis clubs for him! (already confirm there are Krav Maga classes in Tokyo!)

As for me… I think I came here with the mindset that I’m just a traveler, so I didn’t get attached to living here. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my time here though! :) If you ask me what I’ll miss, I think I’ll miss Amazon Prime, cheap shipping, huge supermarkets, inexpensive fruits, coupon shopping at the local supermarket (always feels awesome to score a deal!), Netflix and Crunchyroll most of all. Oh, and definitely the dishwasher and ESPECIALLY the dryer. LOL.

In the meantime, there are still places I hope to visit in Austin, so hopefully we can somehow squeeze it in before we leave!

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