Pick your poison

20 October 2014

We weighed ourselves recently in the gym downstairs and found that…


Since coming to the USA, I’ve put on about 6 pounds (3kg) and Fu has put on… 12 pounds!!! :O

His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he read the scale. All the way back to the room, he kept repeating over and over, unable to accept the cruel reality. “Oh my god. I put on 12 pounds. TWELVE! How did I put on 12 pounds?! This cannot go on. I’m going to exercise. Now. 12 pounds! Oh my god.”

When we reached the room, he immediately changed and hit the gym.

Me? I’m taking it better, especially since I have someone who gained twice as much for comparison, LOL. If I had to do something, my default choice would be to just take more care in what and how much I eat. But I’m not too concerned since we’ll be heading back to Japan soon and I trust the weight will readjust automatically with the healthier food selection!

I hate exercising simply for the sake of exercising, so I choose to restrict my diet.
Fu loves food too much so he chooses to exercise.

What would you choose? Food? Exercise? Both? … None?

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