Our new toy – GoPro hii-chan

17 October 2014

After borrowing a friend’s GoPro camera for our Canada trip (view the video I made here!), we decided to buy our own when we returned from the trip!

We really should have bought one sooner to capture all the places we’ve been (NASA! Vegas! Grand Canyon!!! and all the places and things we did in Japan!) but well, better late than never ;__;

Meet hii-chan!

Is it strange for a camera to be in a selfie? Haha! Here is one of hii-chan alone:

hii-chan is a GoPro Hero 3+ (silver), and the name comes from transforming “hero” to “hiro”, which is a Japanese name. Hiro is then shortened to “hi”  and an extra “i” is added to make it cuter. Finally, add a -chan suffix for endearment and tadah, the name is born ;D

Btw, hii is pronounced “hee” as in the giggle (tee hee) and not “hi” as in the greeting hello -_- Oh, and hii-chan is a boy, despite the giggly-sounding name.

Why do you care about the origins of hii-chan’s name? *shrugs* Don’t ask me. You were the one who read all of that.

I was waiting for GoPro Hero 4 to be released (Oct 8), but after comparing the specs and the prices, I think Hero 3+ is still the better buy!

hii-chan will be undertaking his first mission later today! I’m being secretive now, but it’s really exciting stuff! Hopefully hii-chan won’t have anxiety attacks and performs well haha. I’ll post the video when it’s ready! :D

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