New camera!

19 February 2015

I’ve been wanting to get a new camera to replace my old pok Lumix camera that I’ve had for… 6 years! In the world of gadgets, that’s like the equivalent of a dinosaur!

In fact, I’ve stopped using my camera and completely rely on my iPhone. But as you might guess, the picture quality can be iffy at times, especially when using the front camera (which we use a lot) and in low light -_-

I want a camera that gives quality pictures, where I can change the lens, and also with a swivel screen! I don’t want any of those bulky, heavy, ugly DSLRs though!

After researching for a bit – including several trips to the electronics store and testing out almost every remotely potential camera like an obsessed person – I decided on a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC)! Or just mirrorless camera for short.

Without going into technical detail about mirrorless cameras and how they differ from DSLRs, they are basically cameras that can give high quality photos (definitely better than the average compact camera and some are even equipped with sensors that are in amateur DSLRs) in a small body (most definitely smaller than a DSLR). Which just means… being greedy and having the best of both worlds la. High quality and compact. Lol.

I bought the… Sony α5000!

I was planning to head out to do grocery shopping, so I made up a bit and took some test selfie photos around the house :D

photos are not straight out of camera. all are post-processed in PS.

All I can say is…

The lighting in my house is terrible for photo-taking -_-

Haha! Okok. For real, preliminary conclusion is that that I’m definitely loving the 180° swivel screen as well as the smooth skin mode! But I would like for the smooth skin mode to be amped up a bit more. Best is can magically make all my freckles disappear into oblivion. Hahaha.

I also mega love the bokeh effect! See how the background is blurred out in the third photo? Looks like it was taken with a pro camera, right?! Haha! So happy that I FINALLY have a camera that can do bokeh!!!

Will be testing it out more and maybe write a review on it! #justanexcusetocamwhore

OMAKE おまけ (extra)

Introducing my superpower:

SELF-INDUCED DOUBLE EYELIDS. Hahahaha. #messyhairdontcare #yesiknowhashtagsdontworkhere


  • Reply frooze 19 February 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Yay a fellow Sony e-mount user! I have the fisheye and the wideangle lens, strongly recommend you get them!

    • Reply Rin 20 February 2015 at 2:17 am

      You have a Sony too?! Which model?

      Wide angle sounds useful! Not too sure about the fisheye though. Never really liked the effect too haha

      • Reply frooze 20 February 2015 at 3:47 pm

        Mine’s the NEX-5T, the predecessor of yours. The wide angle and fisheye have essentially the same effect (fisheye is just a ‘wider’ wide-angle, 15mm vs 18mm) so keep that in mind when getting the wideangle :)

        • Reply Rin 20 February 2015 at 11:30 pm

          Ah, I’ve come across the 5T while researching. But I didn’t really look at it in detail since it still carries the NEX label haha.

          Yep thanks, will keep it in mind! :D

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