Life in Japan

One week left

5 February 2015

This time next week, we will no longer be in this house.

Yes, we’re moving again! Cumulatively, this is our 6th house in Japan. Over a period of just 4 years, that’s quite a lot, eh?

But this new place is probably the most unique of the lot because it’s the only apartment that allows… PETS!!!

Majority of apartments in Tokyo doesn’t allow pets or musical instruments :(

Another reason why we moved is because it costs 30% less than our current rent. With that money saved, we can get a car or pet! :D I’m also reeeeally looking forward to living near a supermarket! We live in a CBD area right now and with no supermarkets nearby, it’s so difficult to do grocery shopping! Half the time, I end up shopping out of conbinis :G

I’ll really miss our current place though. This is the house we lived in the longest, and also the most atas one haha. It looks like a condo from the outside and on the inside, it’s carpeted and air-conditioned everywhere. It even SMELLS high class haha! It’s also just one minute from the station, with a linked walkway. Definitely will miss this!

I’ve never posted (or took) a photo of our current house before, so here’s one I just took:

Our living+dining area ^^ (I’ve already started packing thus the boxes)

Thank you for all the fond memories and always keeping us warm (from the harsh cold) and safe (from earthquakes and typhoons) :’)


  • Reply zhen 7 February 2015 at 11:42 am

    I’m also gonna miss this house!!!!! :( Happy house moving! xo

    • Reply Rin 8 February 2015 at 7:19 pm

      We’ll create new memories in the new house! With you too, when you visit ;)

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