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Plum Blossom Festival in Mito, Ibaraki – v2.0 Nyx

30 March 2015

This is the v2.0 of the Mito Plum Blossom Festival, which we visited on March 14. (yes, a bit late, but I was away!) v2.0 covers the night portion of the festival. [check out v1.0 for the day portion]

Actually, at night, I feel it’s less plum blossom, more festival.

Lots of brightly-lit food stalls beckoning to us…

…so we willingly fell prey! This here is called Oyaki, and is a pan-fried dough that comes with various stuffings. We went with the classic – red bean!

There are also many shops selling Mito’s local specialities:

All kinds of plum

And natto

We stopped by a restaurant for dinner, and since we’re in Mito, must eat their local specialities, right?

A photo with the local mascot while waiting for our food!


Mito-chan’s head is actually wrapped like natto (see one picture earlier) and she has plum flowers in her hair! Dunno what’s the weird rope thing she’s holding in her hand though. And er, can you tell what Fu is trying to do?

My shrimp tempura set with plum jelly (the pink packet)

Fu’s very natto-y natto set. There is natto tempura and even the miso soup had natto in it! There’s also a piece of plum tempura which Fu took a giant bite of and almost choked because it was way too sour for him lol.

I asked Fu if the 1,000 yen natto set is any different from the 50 yen natto we buy from the supermarket.

He said…

“No. Tastes the same.”


After dinner, we wandered out again and I took some photos of the night plum blossoms. When I came home and saw the following photos, I burst out laughing.

Do you see it???

The people in the photos are blurry cause everyone is moving and walking around.

All except that one guy in the blue coat.

And still can pose with different angles! He think he modeling for GQ Magazine ah?! -_-

Look what we stumbled upon!

They are not just random lights…

They make shapes!

And some are part of a much bigger pattern!

Heh, these are really “night plum blossoms” eh? ;D

The staff announced that there will be fireworks and everyone gathered close to the scheduled time and waited.

When it finally started, Fu and I were so tickled because the fireworks were like…


<3 second break>


<3 second break>

Whereas in Tokyo it’s usually


Maybe they had a bit of a budget constraint? Lol.

And the interesting thing was that every time it boomed, everyone was like “WAH!” Haha they’re so cute.

Nonetheless, I caught some pretty shots!

And that marks the end of our first trip to the Mito Plum Blossom Festival!

Oh wait, one last photo of my favorite bamboo forest, hehe. This time at night!

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