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Meguro River 目黒川

4 May 2015

Meguro River, or Meguro-gawa is a famous place in Tokyo for viewing cherry blossoms, but I have only ever seen photos of it.

I decided to rectify it this year by starting off the sakura season here!

More than 800 sakura trees line both sides of the river, and are a spectacular sight during spring.

We visited during full bloom, so we had the perfect experience! :D

Meguro River becomes Sakura River lol

The only downside to viewing cherry blossoms at Meguro River is that there is no space to sit and enjoy the flowers. Therefore, no hanami parties or leisurely picnics.

There are food stalls by the side of the walkway though, so one can stand by the side and enjoy some food.

We bought okonomiyaki, a typical food stall offering (also something Fu loves). I was intrigued by this “Singapore Chicken Rice” stall we saw and decided to try it lol.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

The taste of the chicken is actually rather spot on! But the rice? Meh. Not fragrant at all. But well, at least the guy bothered to use non-Japanese rice, plus have sweet chilli and dark sauce somemore, so he gets credit for a bit of effort. He probably wasn’t expecting Singaporeans to buy from his stall lol.

We walked on and on, down the seemingly never-ending stretch of trees. It’s so dreamy, being shrouded in pastel pink with loose petals swirling past every so often. We like to stretch our hands out and hope a petal lands on them.


Fu also caught some! We like to think of it as a fated gift from nature and store the petals in our wallets haha.

凛 on the top left reads Rin! Hehe.

Although Meguro River doesn’t have the space or ambience for idle relaxation and enjoyment of the blossoms, it is definitely worth at least a visit during the sakura season!


Nearest station: Nakameguro

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