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Nabana no Sato なばなの里

15 April 2015

I happened to chance upon Nabana no Sato while researching our Nagoya trip, and while it’s not in Nagoya (it’s in Mie prefecture), it is near Nagoya and just a 30-min drive! For people who are not driving, there is also a direct bus from Nagoya station :)

It’s such a beautiful place! We were lucky enough to catch both the Winter Illumination and Cherry Blossom Illumination and I felt like we were teleported to a magical realm, with twinkling fairy lights all around!

Look at the photos below and I think you will agree ^_^

Nose all red from the cold :_:


We spotted a hot spring foot bath and I told Fu to go try! I couldn’t because I was wearing stockings =_=

Fu said the water was super shiok because it was so warm and comforting.

Then he went and wiggled his toes under the running stream of water, maybe thinking it is fun and would be shiok-er. The next instant, he recoiled in utter shock cause it was BLOODY DAMN HOT.

His toes almost became boiled sausages HAHAHAHA! I laugh every time I recall his horrorstruck face hahaha. Not that I’m evil, but it was really very funny! :D

Then when the time came to dry up, there was a machine nearby that dispensed towels for a dollar, so I got him one.

The most amusing thing?

It even came with a plastic bag so that you can store your damp towel with ease! #japanesehospitality #awesomeorwhat

We found out later that Fu put his foot under 59°C water! Lol.

There was a tower… elevator… thingy of sorts that that people can board and it will elevate to high up in the sky and give a bird’s eye view of the entire park. It is circular and rotates so everyone can get a 360-degree view of the park!

We had to pay an extra 500 yen per person for this though -_-;;

But ok la, the views were pretty worth it, heh.



One of the attractions of the park was this looooong tunnel of light!

Each light bulb is a flower! In line with it being a park and all ^^

The real flowers beyond the “flowers”


This was a light show that simulated the Niagara Falls. It’s quite pretty to watch!


Another tunnel of light; this one is the Spring version with different colors and background sounds (chirping birds and all heh).

And finally, FINALLY, I had the good fortune to meet someone who could take decent photos!!!

Perfectly positioned and nothing cut off!!!
Bless her soul.

The entrance fee of Nabana no Sato might seem a bit expensive (2,100 yen) but it is actually inclusive of 1,000 yen vouchers to spend at the souvenir shops, so it’s not all that bad! I’m quite sorry that I almost didn’t want to enter the park because of the price (and before I realized there were vouchers).

This is a very pretty place and Fu really liked it too. He said that this is one of his favorite places on this trip! ;D


Website (Japanese)
PDF Guide (English)

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