Where to Shop in Nagoya: Osu Shopping District

15 April 2015

When talking about where to shop in Nagoya, almost everyone will point you to the famous Osu Shopping District!

Sheltered, so no fear even on rainy days!

Osu Shopping District has a long history, existing from 400 years ago! It’s also very large, having more than 1,200 businesses!

The area has a famous temple (on left side of map) called Osu Kannon 大須観音

I like how they preserved a piece of history and built the new buildings around it

A closer look

We casually explored the place, without any specific agenda and happened to chance upon this delight of a store:


So many doors, which one is the entrance?

Of course it’s the smallest door!

Initially, I thought it was an Alice in Wonderland theme restaurant, similar to the ones in Tokyo that I’ve visited [here and here]. But turns out it’s actually a store!

I didn’t take any photos inside because I didn’t want my camera to be obnoxiously chhk-ing away and disrupting the peace inside the shop (it was so quiet!) So I’m showing photos taken from their website instead :)

The shop has two areas:

The Red Queen’s Room – Accessories and other little knick knacks

The White Queen’s Room – Candies, biscuits and other snacks

Of course, everything is entirely Alice-themed!

I really love themed places like these, so we spent a fair bit of time in here!

And while researching this shop to write this post, I realized that Alice on Wednesday is actually a very popular shop and there are often long lines on weekends just to enter the shop! Lucky us then, because not only was there no queue, the shop was relatively empty too!

But honestly? I think we were meant to find this shop.

Because we found Alice on Wednesday on Wednesday.

:D :D :D

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Website (English)


Website (Japanese)
Facebook (Japanese)

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