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Curing homesickness

14 August 2015

Mumu was struck with homesickness lately, most likely in view of the recent Golden Jubilee celebrations. Talking about SG50 celebrations, did anyone else realize that the music used during the NDP parade when the tanks were rolling past was a song from Naruto OST???

I recognized it the instant the first few notes started playing, because it’s my favoritest-ever song in Naruto!

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The song above starts from 1:09 in the video below:


Apparently Mumu’s husband (who also watches anime) heard it and he kept insisting “This song is so familiar… I’m pretty sure this is a Japanese song…” only to be snapped at by Mumu.

“Don’t talk nonsense! How can it be? This is a Singaporean song!”

She was so surprised when I told her it’s from Naruto and she realized he wasn’t lying LOL.

To ease her homesickness a bit, I made her some tao huey (soya beancurd). I’ve near-perfected the lao ban texture and taste, and to be honest, I think mine’s more delicious HAHAHA.

I also made some for Fu’s colleagues and apparently they all loved it. Fu is now looking at how he can exploit me I can set up a business and sell them in Japan. Seriously, every dish that I make that he finds delicious, he will go “You should totally open a stall and sell this! We’ll be rich!!!” -_-;;

So anyways, I’ll soon be spending the rest of my days making tao huey, gaiz. My blogging days will soon be over, so enjoy the posts while I’m still writing…


The grand plan is for me to make only like 25 a day so they will be super exclusive and in extremely high demand. (and also because I don’t have the resources or energy to churn them out like a factory. But that sounds practical, and boring so let’s leave it out) But because it’s so delicious there will be long waiting lists that span months wait. A 3-MONTH WAIT?! IT MUST BE GOOD! I WANT IN! Word will spread of its exclusivity and deliciousness and it will become the talk of the town and appear all over the media.


Tao huey extraordinaire dreams aside, curing Mumu’s homesickness part 2 involved going for some Singaporean food in the form of… HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE!!!

The chicken rice here is pretty legit. Taste for both chicken and rice is spot-on and complete with sauces (dark, chilli, ginger) and soup. However, I found that the texture of the rice is quite different from what we usually have in Singapore. It’s thin and long, reminding me of Indian rice.

All 3 of us got the upsized lunch set because it comes with more chicken. There is also free, unlimited refill of rice and sauces. It was 1,250 yen per plate, so yeah, we technically just paid $14 for a plate of chicken rice. But we had it in a restaurant + people in Singapore are paying more than $14 for a tempura don, while we can get it for $5, so… BOOYAH.

By the way, notice Mumu and I are dressed SG colors. Crazy girl wanted to celebrate SG50 that way lol. Apparently she only wanted me to wear a white top. But I turned up with white top + red skirt + red cap. My dedication to themes is second to none.

If anyone in Tokyo wants to try authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice, this is their website (not sure what’s up with the broken image links though).

Our final stop was at a cafe called HARBS.

The cake prices look expensive (950 yen for my fruit cake, which is about $10) but the slices are huge! They also use quality ingredients so it’s actually pretty worth it!

So that was our day out, with a pretty heavy Singapore theme. Lots of food and even more chatting. I love days like these! ♥


  • Reply yy 22 August 2015 at 3:39 pm

    ” we technically just paid $14 for a plate of chicken rice. But we had it in a restaurant + people in Singapore are paying more than $14 for a tempura don, while we can get it for $5, so… BOOYAH.” OMG EVIL. ;____:

    • Reply Rin 23 August 2015 at 5:33 pm

      HAHAHA! >:D

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