Spocha: Play-All-You-Can!

9 June 2016

Want to do something different in Japan? Today, I’m going to share a place I like a lot: Spocha.

What is Spocha? It’s an amusement center that’s SO. FUN.

Ok, I suppose that’s not much help to anyone lol. Well, Spocha is a place where you can play arcade games and sports for a flat fee. A fun buffet, if you will!

What’s available?

There are cool things like archery, roller skating/blading, billiards, darts, and shooting – you shoot at the paper target and at the end the paper will come to you to see where you hit (or missed)! There’s also slightly eyebrow-raising ones like fishing, but not every outlet wastes the space on fishing so that’s ok.

There are also play areas for kids like a cushioned obstacle course, ball pool (the kind with lots of plastic balls), inflated slides, etc.

How much is it?

There are different packages:

  • 90 mins – 1,740 yen
  • 3 hours – 2,130 yen
  • Free time – 2,690 yen (or 2,150 yen if entry after 11pm)

The most value-for-money is definitely the free plan. If you’re hardcore, you can play for the full duration allowed, from opening at 8am to 6am the next day! YES. 22 HOURS.

The longest we ever stayed was 9+ hours. Fu’s stamina usually gives out a lot earlier. Towards the end he’ll go sleep on one of the comfy massage chairs while I continue playing by myself lol. Sometimes he also sleeps in the karaoke room while I serenade him haha.

Where is it?

Spocha is actually under the umbrella of the Round One group, and there are many branches all around Japan.

Note: Not all Round One branches have Spocha. Most only have karaoke, bowling, billiards, etc.

One of the most accessible Spocha branches in Tokyo is the one in Odaiba’s Diver City. Odaiba is a nice place with views of Rainbow Bridge and several shopping malls! It’s also home to the mega 18m tall Gundam Statue.

Official Spocha website (Japanese)

Odaiba branch



To end off, here are some photos taken over our various trips there! We regularly bring friends who are visiting to Spocha! :D

Batting area

My sissy <3

Facing off (p.s. this game can get very violent and vicious!)

Her pose so 逼真. And there’s Fu waiting at the faarrr end. The court is pretty big!

And here’s my favorite: ARCADE MACHINES!!!!!!

I’m still waiting for worthy opponents for Bishi Bashi and Pop’n Music. Fu puts up a good fight for Bishi Bashi, but crumbles in the face of Pop’n Music.

There are even old-school arcade games!

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. HOMG I spent so much money on this last time. Now, the moment I die, I spam the start button like it’s free lol (which it is la, entrance fee notwithstanding)

Comics and an area for resting/sleeping for the weak hahahaha

This place is fully equipped with things you need so you can come totally empty-handed. They have shoes for rent (free!) so you can play sports, they even sell socks if you need.

They also have lockers (also free as they return the 100 yen you put in) so you can store all your barang barang.

They sell food, but you are allowed to leave the premises to eat outside too if you prefer!

This place is just awesomesauce. If you like games, you’ll love this place.

Don’t say I didn’t share good finds! ;D


  • Reply karen 17 June 2016 at 8:57 am

    Hi Rin,

    Oh dear I missed out on this place! boohooo…

    I just got back from my Japan trip last week. Almost break my back travelling…phew
    I did not manage to find the curry udon place that you recommended in one of your post. Me and my partner got lost in the maze of host and hostess clubs in the area and so we gave up. so sad…. But I guess shibuya is interesting…=p

    By the way, I tried monjyayaki in tsukishima. verdict= horrified!!


    • Reply Rin 17 June 2016 at 1:57 pm

      Oops I should have shared it earlier! But there’s always next time ;D How was your trip in any case? Apart from your back almost breaking haha

      Did you mean Shinjuku? I don’t think there’s a Tsurutontan branch in Shibuya… btw, did you manage to find any good coffee?

      That’s sad! I hope you had a lot of other delicious food to make up for it!

  • Reply Karen 18 June 2016 at 10:53 am

    yup, I’ll leave it for my next trip :) But probably kyushu area or hokkaido next time.
    My husband enjoyed Singapore more than Japan because he was amazed by all the food (and lee kuan yew), haha I was so surprised.

    We had a short stay in Osaka and then Kobe. Kobe was my 1st time and it’s beautiful. We had amazing okonomiyaki at Osaka at the branch store of Fugetsu. Have you had theirs before? It was yum! Overall, we had better experiences with food in kansai than in tokyo. But we did go to the well-known taimeiken for omurice in tokyo. It was good but pricey for omurice. Onsen at Hakone was great except that I regretted picking a place at the top (sounzan area). We (ok my husband only) had to carry the luggage all the way up. And took 3 different bullet trains to get there from kobe Zzzzzz…

    Sorry its Shinjuku not shibuya. I kept mixing the 2 up. We also stayed at Akasaka later and it was eye opening. Its close to a street of higher end clubs and we saw so many rich ppl coming out of the clubs with the hostesses and getting sent to their cars and suit-dressed bodyguards everywhere. like in movies! But we were so scared eating at the restaurants there as you can imagined. haha..

    I tried coffee everywhere and managed to try a popular shop “streamer espresso”. Drip coffee is still the better option in Japan and they are good. The cappuccino and flat whites are made differently in japan (coffee to milk ratio) and the milk is much creamier in japan. We tried a super expensive drip coffee in Ginza too but the doutor and tully’s are equally good.

    Oops…I think I’m blabbing too much. Anyway, I think the peoples experiences amazes me the most. Hope to be back soon!


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