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The cripple, the king, and the maid

7 July 2016

Fu plays soccer with his coworkers every week and in this week’s match, he displayed brilliant play and scored a sliding goal! It was, in fact, so brilliant that his knee celebrated with a fantastic crack! Even though he was startled at how enthusiastic his knee sounded, he thought it was a perfectly great idea to continue playing.

By the next morning, he was positively limping. We whisked him off to the osteopathic clinic and it was then we were told he tore his knee ligament (;¬_¬)

At any rate, it was my first time in a 整骨院 seikotsuin and I was just amused at how things turned out, so photos were in order.

Waiting at the clinic

I was wearing (very decent) shorts and the staff gave me a towel to cover my legs anyway. They are just more sensitive towards things like that here. Like cashiers packing sanitary pads or tampons into opaque bags so that other people won’t see your purchase, etc.

Oh, don’t forget to check out the sessy green-slippered-torn-ligament leg lol.

There was this cool-looking capsule machine in the clinic! Not sure what it does, but I read one case study pinned up in the clinic about how it cured pincer toenails (warning: graphic toenail image link!)

After the doctor looked at his knee and diagnosed his condition, he was brought to the bed, iced, and electrocuted:

But the electricity was so mild Fu didn’t even realize it was on.

After a bit more electrocuting, the doctor massage cream into his knee, stuck a medical patch on, bandaged everything up and we were good to go!

With insurance, we only had to co-pay 30%, which came to 1,500 yen (($15). I thought it was cheap. Fu said it was expensive; he saw another doctor in the past for only 900 yen. But it’s probably because that previous doctor isn’t as famous and didn’t have signed jerseys of soccer players decorating his clinic!

And here, I present to you…

… the cripple.

Then the cripple went home, and under doctor’s order’s, had to move minimally, so he was instantly promoted to king as he sat on his throne (the sofa) and issued commands to his maid (me).

“I want a big cup of water”

“I’m hungry. Is lunch ready?”

“Can you bring me my handphone”

“I want to eat peanuts”

“I need tissue”

“I’m hungry. Is dinner ready?”

Plus, I doubled up as nurse as I skilfully unwrapped and rewrapped his bandage. “It’s just like how the doctor royal physician did it!” said the king.

I was basically just running around the past two days serving the needs of two royals. You didn’t forget about the queen (aka Milk Tea), did you?

But the king is recovering very well (as he should be, given the immaculate care by his maid+nurse) so he should be almost 100% for our trip to Shizuoka next week. It’s our first trip with Milk Tea and we’re all very excited! :D Well, everyone except Milk Tea, I suppose haha. I only hope she doesn’t pee/poop on me in the car…


  • Reply Zhen 8 July 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Good lordy I paid $290 for my trip to the podiatrist zzzzz

  • Reply Fenton 24 May 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Do Singaporeans really wear slippers everywhere, as in everywhere, even in Japan?

    • Reply Rin 24 May 2017 at 11:27 pm

      As with all things, it depends on the individual.

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