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Nabana no Sato なばなの里

I happened to chance upon Nabana no Sato while researching our Nagoya trip, and while it’s not in Nagoya (it’s in Mie prefecture), it is near Nagoya and just a 30-min drive! For people who are not driving, there is also a direct bus from…

15 April 2015
Featured Outdoor / Nature

My Favorite Place to View Autumn Leaves in Tokyo

It’s finally November, which means… It’s time for viewing  autumn leaves in Tokyo! Autumn is my absolute favorite season! There’s just something deeply captivating about the fiery reds and bright yellows that radiate so brilliantly from the leaves as they transition to their eventual…

1 November 2014
Featured USA

Grand Canyon Tour

We signed up for a full-day Grand Canyon tour during our weekend in Las Vegas! I was pretty excited to see my first wonder of the world! Carys picked out the tour (saving me the research effort, heh) and I was told it was…

11 September 2014
Featured Outdoor / Nature

Lavender farms in Furano

When one thinks of lavender in Hokkaido, Furano is the first place to come to mind, because they have many, MANY lavender farms. On our latest trip to Hokkaido, we managed to visited several lavender farms in Furano! We were told that the best time…

31 July 2014
Attractions Featured

Ghibli Museum

(can you guess which movie the image above is from? if you can, I salute you!) This is my first visit to Ghibli Museum after so many years! This museum, like some others (eg. Fujiko F Fujio Museum aka the Doraemon Museum) requires tickets…

3 March 2013