Niagara Falls

13 October 2015

Google photos notified me that this time last year, we were in Canada. And I realized… for a trip that I was so excited about, I haven’t even written about it even a year later… *hangs head in shame*

I wrote out our trip’s itinerary and our trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park and was saving the best (Niagara Falls) for last, until… I actually forgot about it D:

So here it is; better late than never, right?! Yes, you know I am, so let’s move on.

We first checked in at our hotel, Embassy Suites Hotel Niagara Falls Fallsview, which has an amazing view of the Falls! See for yourself!

Crawled out of bed to take Niagara Falls and American Falls at sunrise. Totally worth it.

Night illumination of both waterfalls. There was even a fireworks show!

Then we made our way to the Falls proper. It was really close by, but due to the elevation, we had to pay to take a short tram ride down (either that or wait for the bus).

The top of the Falls


Niagara Falls is actually smaller than what I imagined, but it didn’t make it any less spectacular or breathtaking. It’s really quite a sight to such see massive volumes of water pound into the pool below, with the huge water plume that leaps high into the sky and the constant thundering a sign of how much power the water carries.

We bought a ticket package from the hotel which includes admission into the Journey Behind The Falls attraction, where you get to be up close and personal with the Falls as well as get to literally go behind the falls!

Soaked to the bone from the water spray and rain, but nothing can dampen our happy mood!

I think nothing on screen can replicate how breathtaking the Falls are; you really have to see it for yourself. But till then, videos are the next best thing I can show you (albeit taken on my lousy phone and low quality), so here are a couple:



The second video was taken behind the falls. It’s like a never ending thunderstorm! I found it strangely calming and really liked it. We stood there for a long time just admiring this little window to the Falls.

The next day, the weather was better, so we walked further down to where the less famous and less majestic (although still nice!) American Falls were:

Across the water is America (Western New York)!

Back to Niagara Falls:

TIP: For a good view of Niagara Falls, eat at Elements on the Falls Restaurant. This was probably the most mesmerising lunch view I’ve ever had!

The view

— —

Whenever I am surrounded by the tremendous beauty of nature, it makes my heart soar with a flurry of emotions. At that moment, I feel more alive than any other point in time. And of course, the experience is never truly complete unless I see it together with the one my soul loves :) So let us continue to seek out and see these moving sights together :)

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