Bruce Peninsula National Park

15 October 2014

First video of our Canada trip is up!

Gahhh, I spent an AGE editing this! Had to experiment with different programs, get used to how they work and what not. Hopefully future videos won’t take as long!

Many thanks to CW who so kindly lent us his GoPro camera, without which you would be watching just a black title screen for 2 minutes, albeit with very nice music lol.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is north of Toronto, and we drove about 3.5 hours from Toronto. More accurately, Fu drove about 1 hour and I drove about 2.5 hours hehe.

You can see the beauty of Bruce Peninsula National Park in the video, but here are a few more supplementary pictures anyway, just because ;D

Not surprisingly, we were the last to leave the park. It was a slight adrenaline rush getting back to the car because not only was the entire area completely deserted, there were also huge grey clouds gathering rapidly above our heads. Add to that having to trek through the forest to get back to the carpark, with the park being home to wildlife like black bears and rattlesnakes! We kept glancing behind every few rapid paces just in case a bear decides to stalk us (no such luck).

Bruce Peninsula National Park is very beautiful and I think it would be even nicer during summer because you can swim in those crystal clear waters! We spent about 5 hours there and  covered only a fraction of the park (although we discovered so many amazing places in that small area!) It’s a place we will definitely want to revisit in future :)


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  • Reply zhen 23 October 2014 at 10:07 am

    Hi jie! The park looks so niceeeeee!! Can you bring me on holiday pretty please (´ε`;) And gopro is so nice to use right!!! Ahhhhhh good choice to get one! xo

    • Reply Rin 23 October 2014 at 9:06 pm

      The park IS very beautiful! Holiday? Sure. I’ll be traveling to SG. Meet you there? :D

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