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Cherry Blossom Viewing 2013 – Part I

4 April 2013

One of the best things about Spring in Japan is the Hanami (lit. flower viewing) period! Hanami almost always refers to viewing sakura (cherry blossoms), although there are plum blossoms and other flowers to see too.

The cherry blossoms last for only about 2 weeks, before the winds and warm weather cause the petals to all fall off and the branches to sprout green (really ugly btw).

This is the first of 3 parts~

The usual mega crowds at the Ueno Park during cherry blossom season

Everywhere, picnic mats are set up to sit down, eat, enjoy cherry blossoms

Our view when we look up from our picnic spot.
They look like daytime stars!

The less-common dark pink variety

Stretch of sakura along the pond


The other two parts (two other locations) will be posted up when I’m done editing them!

Before I end the post, a thought occurred to me as I viewed the beautiful cherry blossoms…

Would you rather:
1. For 2 weeks, be absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, with such stunning beauty that will intoxicate every single person that lays eyes on you. However, the rest of the year, you will be so ugly people turn their faces away from you in revulsion.
2. Look the same the entire year – Plain, common and uninspiring. Not ugly, but not pretty either.

I posed the question to Fu and he asked if he can switch around the choices from year to year. I told him NO. Greedy boy -__-

What will your choice be?
Bonus question: Can you guess my choice? ;D

Till the next post!
(which will hopefully not be too far in the future. I’ll do my best!)

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