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Chidorigafuchi Cherry Blossoms + Boating

10 April 2014

We returned to Chidorigafuchi Park again this year to view sakura! Mostly because I’m still hung up about not being able to go boating last year!

We missed the prime hanami season because we were in Korea, and some of the trees have already begun to sprout green :(

Thankfully the trees were mostly still intact and from far away, you can’t really tell the difference :D

We arrived at the park earlier this year, at about 5pm, and headed straight for the boats. We expected a long queue, so we weren’t surprised to see…

It’s a snaking S queue, although you cannot really tell from the picture.

The staff manning the queue said that it will take about 2 hours, and we were like whatever. Fu & I both know that I won’t leave unless I get to row!!! In the end it only took about an hour of queueing!

We bought the ticket from a vending machine – 30 mins for 800 yen, 60 mins for 1600 yen. Yeah, Japanese are no good with discounts. It shows everywhere lol.

We first discovered this in supermarkets. Say they are selling something for 1,000 yen. If you buy a pack of two, it costs 2,200 yen instead. HAHAHA. We are assuming it’s for the extra packaging or whatever, even though it makes ZERO SENSE.

Small digression. Where was I? Oh yes, the ticket.

The ticket shows the time to return the boat, and also instructions to return the ticket then

Off we go!
The urge to sing “Row, row, row your boat…” naturally surfaces in situations like these, doesn’t it?

We boarded the boat at a perfect time, because we got to witness both the day and night views! ;D

As the sun made way for the stars, the pretty cherry blossoms also took on a more magical form.

We rowed this way and that, taking in the sights, and taking photos. The sakura trees were very close to the water, and we could literally hug the branches if we so desired.

So close to the cherry blossoms!

Wait, what’s this?

“Don’t like that… I share with you?”

HAI GAIZ, The other guy was fired and I’m your new captain/rower!

“I’m gonna do this seriously, unlike some people. Look, I’m rowing so fast my hands are a blur!”

“Ok, I suppose a small break is justifiable after all that hard work. Phew! Besides, the background is gorgeous!”

In no time at all, it was time to head back! Thank goodness we took the boat for an hour. 30 minutes would definitely be insufficient! Although when you return the boat, they will ask for the ticket and we suspect you will be able to top up the difference any way.

I’m a happy girl now! My wish is finally fulfilled and we can head to new places next spring!

One last photo, on land this time :)

Posting the directions to Chidorigafuchi below, because we forgot the way there. Googled my own previous post, but turns out I didn’t keep a record LOL.

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