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Night Cherry Blossoms Viewing – Part 2

21 April 2013

(well, we didn’t go at midnight, but it seems more mysterious and completes the feel of the picture… ;)

On the same day after Part 1 here, we headed to Chidorigafuchi for more cherry blossoms viewing!

This was the first time that I was viewing night cherry blossoms, and it’s really quite a different experience.

When viewing cherry blossoms, I feel like I’m ported to a beautiful fantasy world.

During the day, it’s fluffy cotton candy, pretty pastels and musical laughter.
At night, it’s mystical lights, twinkling stars, enveloped in intrigue and mystery.

Does that even make sense to anyone else?

Anyhoo… let me first start off with my favorite photo taken that night!

Ahhh, I really like this photo a lot!

Ok, now we can backtrack to the start – the moment we got out of the station. We were greeted by this scene:

We didn’t know where the real hanami spot was, but we knew we’d get there by following the crowd!

Yep, brought us to the stretch of sakura trees all right

Not as bad as Ueno Park, but still considerably crowded

Rushing to take a photo after temporarily securing a small spot

We wanted to go rowing, but they have already ended operations for the day :( We were there about 8pm and they closed at 7pm (which was already much later than the usual 5pm).

Next year we will come earlier! It’s really awesome… not only do you get VIP views of the cherry blossoms, the best thing is there is no one around to jostle with or to block your view. Perfect to slowly enjoy the flowers and take photos!

edit: We went back the following year! Post here :)

If you know of other good spots in Tokyo to view cherry blossoms, please post below! I’ll add it to the list of to-visit places next year!

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