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It’s all in my head

24 May 2013

I have no idea how this is my first post in May. I was shocked to see the last post was about a month ago!

Thing is, I think about the blog all the time lately. What posts to write, what new content to put up. There’s just so much going on! But the problem is, I compose all of them in my head, and they stay right there.


If only I could have the handy spell of siphoning them out Pensieve-style! (Harry Potter reference, for those who are confused)

At times, I also get a bit distracted/discouraged. It’s not like anyone is faithfully checking back, longing for my next post, so I slack off. There’s no pressure to keep posting, but also not much motivation.

I think it’s in my personality to be obsessed with something – like utterly, COMPLETELY obsessed with something – keeping it up for some time, depending on how interesting that thing is, then completely dropping it and moving on to something new.  喜新厌旧 (enamored with the new and bored with the old) I suppose? Haha.

BUT!!! For some reason, I’m super motivated lately to put more effort into tripleRIN! I think partly it’s because I found a reason for updating the blog.

I think I lost direction of what the blog was for, and where it’s going, thus I didn’t feel like writing at all. I kept questioning the point of the blog, the focus of the blog, etc. Was it for tourists to Japan? People living in Japan? More like a guide-type of blog? Or…?

I was trapped in those endless thoughts, trying desperately, but unable to escape. (so drama-mama haha)

I’ve decided though! I’m just going to write about what I bloody please. In the end, if no one else reads it, then I will. I’ll be my biggest fan.

Or maybe I’ll force Fu to be.

This will be a way for me to freeze time, as my memory slowly addles away with time.

There’s also the benefit of friends and family keeping up with the happenings in my life, although most of them cannot even remember the URL. *face palm* Super heart broken! (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. But I doubt you’ll even see this. Sigh.)

Finally, if my posts happen to be helpful to the occasional passerby, then I’m happy to have helped.

Why did I just type all that out?
Right. To remind myself if I ever fall into the trap of forgetting again.

As you can see, to commemorate this special moment of breaking through my mind prison, I’ve gone and redone the web design! I spent many, many hours tweaking the template, changing each font size, font type, background color, the tiniest spacing between the text, back and forth, back and forth. Stupid perfectionist trait.

If I didn’t limit myself, I might continue adjusting it forever. (so I’ll just release it first and continue making adjustments)

So here’s to a new start! (let’s hope my enthusiasm this time is moderate but long-lasting!)

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  • Reply frooze 25 May 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Hey I faithfully check back! Well actually my google reader does it for me.

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