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10 September 2013

For the blog, that is :)

I super itchy backside and one fine day, suddenly decided I had enough of Blogger and carted everything over to WordPress.

That fine day was 4 days ago.

Since then, I’ve been working long hours (12 hrs and up) on the blog daily. This migration thing has been a giant pain! Pun fully intended. My elbows can testify.

I’m still fixing up old posts (some formatting have gone wonky from the migration), revamping categories/tags and crazily installing plugins (take that, blogger!) to customize the blog, so bear with any unsightliness in the transition!

I know I can just leave the old posts as they are, and I wish I could. But damn this OCD-ness >__<

Is there some infectious disease going around that makes people want to move and organize everything? Why am I so crazy? Right after a house move, CPU+HDD move, now it’s a server move -__-

Stop it, self.

ps: but the site very nice right?! I super love it. My hard work! *wipes tear*

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