Hello world!

9 June 2013

Almost included System.out.println(); in the title, but that would have been too much, eh?

I will not ever allow such disgusting lamespeak to surface again .____.

There! Hidden it away well and good!

To explain the title… Today was a social day! I think I talked more today than the past month combined, lol.

Most days, the only person I talk to the entire day is Fu, and only for a while because he returns home late and has to sleep soon after. Oh, and to cashiers when I tell them “Yes, I brought my own eco bag”. Or “Thank you” when they give me my change.

For some people, this is unimaginable torture. It sounds insane, stupendously lonely and very sad. These people will most likely suffer a mental meltdown if they had my type of lifestyle. I often get asked at times how I manage to get by.

Fortunately for me, I fall near the other end of the spectrum. I’m not a complete hermit who hates humans, but I can survive quite well with minimal human interaction. I can’t help it that I’m so interesting to myself that I can entertain myself endlessly. HAHAHA.

However, because I don’t fall cleanly into the ‘best if I don’t have to interact with anyone for the rest of my life’ category, there are times when I do feel isolated and crave for people to interact with. Whatsapping definitely helps some, but it’s never quite the same. Therefore I really enjoyed myself today!

We finally got to meet up with Suchee and hear about all his hilarious adventures of his first week in Japan, had good Indian food (yes, in Japan, haha) and basically just chatting all the way till it was time to attend a party organized in the home of one of Fu’s colleague.

He lives on the highest floor of the building and has an excellent view of the Tokyo skyline, including Tokyo Tower and Skytree!

Truly an awesome view!

I got to interact with a great variety of people: Indians, Japanese, Chinese, American, Scottish… Engineers, an academic, a teacher, a massage therapist… and got to “practise” three languages!

It’s like my social shutter rolled up today and I was super receiving of all the incoming information. I remembered the names of every single person introduced to me, and was attentive to what people were saying, hanging on to their every word like my life depended on it lol. This is quite a refreshing experience and quite welcome indeed.

My social gauge is now fully refilled and I’m good for the next 3 months. Lol.

Ok, despite that #foreveralone -sounding part at the start of the post, I don’t regret moving to Japan one bit. For sure, I miss family and friends back home, but everyone has their own life to live, and their own dream to chase.

I am incredibly fortunate that I am actually living my dream right now. How many people can say that their dream has come true? (no “My dream came true when I met my wife/husband/gf/bf” mushy lines please)

I am immensely and forever thankful, and wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

I think what I need to do is make more friends here… to create my (social) life here as well.

That, and all you people I love in Singapore (and Australia and London) should come visit me soon!!!


  • Reply Ly 16 September 2016 at 12:04 pm

    It is rather amazing how a person can keep themselves from being bored, you’re a very productive person. Even though I am a house wife, by choice. I sometimes, find myself to be really bored. So, I would randomly volunteer my time at different organizations and meet more people that way. Maybe you can do that to meet more people too. People of the same interests or really just something out of your comfort zone to be more open and learn new things. It’s always nice to meet someone that is kind and understanding. But you know, it’s always more special even when you don’t get to see your family and far away friends as much as you did back then. Seeing them once in awhile still makes it just as special, maybe even more when you guys do see each other. ^___^

    • Reply Rin 22 September 2016 at 2:51 pm

      Haha, this post is quite old. I’ve since made a lot more friends :)
      But yeah, while I wish I get to see my friends and family more often, seeing them once in a long while now makes us treasure the time and memories together more.

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