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3 March 2015

Question: What language do you dream in?

They say you truly understand a language when you dream in that language.

I’ve only dreamed in English all my life. A couple of times, I had a couple of Chinese words come up in dreams. But only a few words, and never entire dreams. I remember there was once I sprouted an idiom in Chinese that I didn’t even know in my non-dream state! When I woke up, I was so impressed by myself hahaha. I don’t remember the idiom now though :D

Rarest of them all is Japanese. So far, I’ve only had ONE WORD spoken in dreams.

Last night though, I had a dream in English, but towards the last part (just before the mailman rang the doorbell and woke me up damnit!) there was a full sentence in Japanese, and another full sentence reply in Chinese. Both proper sentences and non-nonsensical.


Is this the start of change to come? Is my subconscious brain finally embracing all the other languages I know?? Am I going to be able to dream in these languages more often from now on???

I’m kinda looking forward to dreaming again tonight :3

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  • Reply Ly 16 September 2016 at 12:19 pm

    I never dreamt in words of another language, but randomly when I am in my awake state, sometimes I remember certain words in Korean and start saying it correctly. But then, forget all about it minutes later. The only dream that was ever funny enough, was me laughing out loud while I was asleep and that scared the crap out of my husband. Gosh, I scared myself too! But it was rather funny, I just can’t recall what the joke was. But someone said something super hilarious and it made me laughed out loud. My dreams are often crazy and wild anyway. So crazy that if a movie director wanted to use my dream as a story, they sure can! =D

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