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12 September 2013

One of the things Fu & I do often is watch drama shows!

The current one is a Korean drama, Sunkyunkwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들).


It’s not a new drama (2010), but I found it on my HDD (thanks YY!) and we decided to watch it even though we had no idea what the show is about. We trust your taste ok, YY! Lol.

Out of the entire cast, I only know Song Joong Ki, because I also watch Running Man haha.

According to Wikipedia:

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Hangul: 성균관 스캔들) is a 2010 South Korean fusion historical drama about a girl who disguises herself as a boy while attending Sungkyunkwan, the Joseon Dynasty’s highest educational institute, where no women were allowed.

SKK is a romantic comedy,  very easy to watch, but has a lot of typical korean drama elements.

Lots of hold-your-hand-to-stop-you-from-leaving scenes. The default mode of the girl is with tears welling up in her eyes. Tears fall from the guys like it’s free.

While watching, we kept calling them out on logical inconsistencies. But the standard reply of the other person listening will always be “做戏嘛!!!” Hahaha.

Haha, say so much but we still like watching it! Only 2 more episodes to go though! >_<

The theme song has been stuck in my head and on loop. Even if you don’t watch the show and cannot connect to it, it’s still a nice song! Have a listen!

찾았다 (Found You) by JYJ

I have a feeling this will playing on my iTunes for a while… ♥


  • Reply kelly grainey 14 September 2013 at 6:07 pm

    I swear I’m not korean (lol) but my 3 favorite kdramas are:

    1) The Snow Queen ;
    2) Ghost ;
    3) Iris ;

    These are very engaging dramas. Sorry I’m not into historical dramas.

    My favorite OST track is “I Love You” by Taeyeon of SNSD. It’s a very touching song. (

    • Reply Rin 17 September 2013 at 2:27 am

      Taeyeon is my favorite SNSD girl! ♥
      It was my first time hearing the song, but it’s a nice song ^-^

      Oh my, Snow Queen stars Hyun Bin! I don’t watch many Korean dramas (more J-dramas) but out of the few I’ve watched, 2 of them had him as lead actor :D I rather like him, heh.

      Ghost looks like a genre right up my alley! I think we have found our next drama to watch now that SKK is done with…

      Thank you for the reccs! :3

      • Reply kelly grainey 17 September 2013 at 10:20 pm


        Glad you like my recommendations. I’m trying to learn more about Japanese culture through their tv dramas. I was wondering if you or Fu could recommend some current popular Japanese dramas? The only one I have watched so far was “Bloody Monday” ( I don’t know if you remember but I’m from the USA. So most of my japanese/korean drama viewing is done through these 2 website:



        There is not that many jdramas on there as I wish compared to kdramas. I’m trying to learn more about Japan or Nihon or Nippon though.

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