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Bodyboarding at Kugenuma Kaigan 鵠沼海岸

16 August 2014

Following up the previous rafting post with another water post!

A couple of days before we left for Texas (meaning, about 2 weeks ago), we traveled to Kanagawa – neighbour of Tokyo – to bodyboard!

As you can tell from the video, bodyboarding is similar to surfing, except you don’t have to stand up. Just plaster your body to the board and hang on for dear life as the waves throw you around.

I think we did pretty well for our first try! Although admittedly, the guys in the video did a little better than us.
Just a little.

Feeling the raw power of nature as we rode the waves… it’s really amazing!

I really enjoyed myself, but I wished it was an indoor sport. Or at least one that can be done out of the sun’s reach. Yes, I wish that for every single outdoor activity that I enjoy.

I had an explosion of freckles on my face despite my best sun protection efforts. I was also wearing a long-sleeved wet suit (which I was positively sweating in. It was that hot!) and my hands got so tanned that I look like I’m wearing brown gloves all the time now FML.

In the first place, I went only because Fu loves sports and it was a belated birthday present to him.

I wanna say that my daytime outdoor sports quota for the year has been met, but with so many fun things to do during summer in Texas…

I have a feeling the freckle-fighting team will lose to the fun-loving team.

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  • Reply zhen 20 August 2014 at 12:24 am

    “my hands got so tanned that I look like I’m wearing brown gloves all the time now FML.”

    HAHAHAHHAAAAA show me a picture, JIE!!!

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