First week back in Singapore

18 November 2014

One week has passed since I left Japan! I meant to be more diligent about documenting my time back in Singapore on this blog, but you know how that went… heh.

So let me quickly blog down what the days before I forget!

12 November

Woke up at 10am, did last batch of laundry, started packing my luggage, headed to town to do last-minute shopping (mostly the wedding and sister). Rushed back, cooked dinner, final packing while Fu fell asleep on the floor while waiting. Headed to airport and boarded flight 10 mins to midnight.

Goodbye Japan, I’ll miss you dearly!

13 November

Landed in Singapore 30 mins early, family came to pick me up and we went for my very first meal back in Singapore!

Wonton mee with soup wonton, complete with ice milo!

We meant to have dim sum, but got cheated by my sister because the stall didn’t open till 8am -_- I suspect she made us come to this place only because she wanted to eat this.

Dropped dad off at work while Zhen and I made off with his car haha! He never lets anyone take his car if he’s not sitting in it. I casually suggested for him to let us take his car and to my surprise, he agreed! Although not without repeated dire warnings on how not to crash it lol.

Went home, unpacked most of my luggage i.e. sister’s shopping -_- I really should be paid for being her personal shopper!

After that, met the bride-to-be at Holland Village to dye our hair (it’s violet now!) before going down to town to pick up her dress!

Went back home to drop off the dress before heading back to town again because the bride-to-be had to emergency-shop for a dress haha.

We had about an hour before the hen party (ugh, personally I prefer calling it bachelorette party. hens sound so… gross) We were having a manicure-pedicure session!

This is at Manicurious, and with minimum spend of $480, we get to reserve this entire place for ourselves. The place looks nice enough, but I personally found the manicure to be quite lacking.

She overcut my cuticles and they were hurting not only during the process but also the day after :A Then I opted for nail art, which she had so much trouble drawing that after the second time of her removing the art, I told her to forget it and went for decal sticker instead -_- You’d think I was asking her to  draw the world map complete with country borders on my nail or something when all I requested was just some simple swirls!

Anyway. After that, we went for Korean BBQ supper before heading home.

Super long day finally came to an end and I had some proper sleep after 40 hours!!!

14 November

My turn to emergency-shop for bridesmaid shoes. My first pair of red shoes! After that, headed for a facial in an attempt to save my face for the wedding. Don’t know what the hell is wrong with it… it’s been breaking out so badly lately :(

15 November

WEDDING DAY! Day lasted from 7am-2am. I didn’t take many photos (shocking, yes? haha!) because I wanted to focus on taking care of the bride, which ended up with me being without my phone most of the time.

Besides, I think it’s quite ugly when the photos are full of people taking photos. So I left it to the photographer to do his job, while I do mine :)

16 November

Visited my cousin’s lovely home! She refused to send me photos and asked me to see it for myself in person. Sounds familiar… because that’s what I told YY and M when they asked for pictures of my Japan home lol.

Love the minimalist look!

She even made lunch for me, which is the first time she has ever cooked for me!

Fried bee hoon!

We chatted a lot and it was super nice ♥

We also messed around on the piano with our broken playing which I guess her husband and neighbours didn’t find too nice lol.

Then we baked some macarons! Fine, she did most of the work. But I sat there and kept her company! She even remarked that it felt like it took lesser time to make them, so I was useful ok!

Oh, and I also helped piped the macarons!

Don’t think piping is no big deal ok… These take skill to do, and I’m a natural! Says my cousin.

Ended off the night with them coming over to my place for dinner that my parents cooked!

17 November

Bladder woke me up at 10am. It’s been doing this since the beginning of the year T_T I suspect it’s shrinking or something. AHHHH IS THIS ONSET OF OLD AGE?!!

Decided not to go back to sleep and did random things on the net like renewing domains which expired a few days ago. Eeps.

Visited gramps because her thumb mysteriously swelled up >_< But otherwise luckily very healthy for a 83 year old!

We chatted a lot and she cooked dinner for me!

She also gave me a gold bracelet as a belated wedding gift. She was so shy giving it to me it was so cute ahhhhh! *heart melts*

18 November – Today!

Bladder woke me up at 10+am again. BLOODY HELL.

Annoyed but decided to go back to sleep after toilet run since I’ve never had more than 7 hours of sleep per night since arriving in Singapore.

Woke up at 3.30pm. 12 hours of sleep. Things are getting back to normal.

Attended to some admin matters before marathoning anime :D Super happy since it’s been a while since I watched my beloved anime. (anyone else watching Yowamushi Pedal?)

Dinner with parents!

Taiwanese porridge – Spinach with white bait | Bean sprouts | Egg omelette with chai po (preserved turnip)

The porridge usually has sweet potato pieces in it but the pure white bowl is mine. Sweet potato is >_<

My favorite deep fried chicken wings in prawn paste! | Pomfret in black bean sauce

That was my week! Hopefully I’ll be better about updating in future so that the post won’t be so long-assed. But… we’ll see. Heh.

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