Wedding gatecrashing!

21 November 2014

In Singapore, we have a tradition of having a “gatecrash” on the wedding day. Unlike the western meaning, what our “gatecrashing” mean is that the groom will be stopped before the bride’s door by the bridesmaids (or 姐妹 jie mei in Chinese aka JM).

The groom, backed by his groomsmen (or 兄弟 xiong di aka XD) will have to overcome challenges presented to them by the bridesmaids to prove the groom’s worthiness in winning the bride’s hand. It proves that he is willing to go through with anything – no matter what revolting food he has to eat, or what painfully embarrassing thing he has to do – to get to his bride.

Or at least I think that’s what it symbolizes… (and explained for the sake of the non-Chinese reading this :) )

Mostly it’s just the fun in torturing the groom and his entourage LOL. Oh, and to extort ang pows (red packets containing money) from them heheheh.

A typical punishment – The 酸甜苦辣 (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy) test. Each of the 4 cups contain the purest essence of each taste. Supposed to signify the different stages of marriage life. Or something like that.

I LOVE games, and I love playing with (not “together” with, but “with” with. heh) people even more :D Even at my own wedding, I was the one who came up with the games and punishments for Fu. CUSTOMIZED TORTURE MUAHAHAHA!!! *rubs hands together gleefully*

This is the first time these photos have been made public (lol):

One of the games LOL

One of the punishments LOLOL

The JMs’ default faces during gatecrashing hahaha

Not surprisingly, I was the one who spearheaded the torture mission game planning at Carys’ wedding :D

We decided to keep things simple and had just one game. I thought it would be extra meaningful if the game produced tangible things that they could keep long after the game is over, and this was the game and punishment I came up when I woke up one morning feeling particularly inspired.

The game

The groom would be separated from the pack and secretly shown a question related to the bride. He would then be given a time limit (we went with 2 minutes) and had to give the answer by sculpting it using clay.

The JM (jie mei) would then take the sculpture, show it to the X.D (xiong di) who then have to guess the answer to the question (NOT guess what the sculpture is!) without knowing the question.

If they could not guess the correct answer within 20 seconds, all of them (including the groom) would have to face the penalty.

The actual day

The JM arrived at Carys’ place about an hour before the groom was scheduled to arrive to… PREPARE THE PENALTIES buahahahaha!!!

Typically, penalties involved eating unbearable things, doing ridiculous things like holding extreme yoga poses, dipping feet into a bucket of ice cold water filled with many keys and searching for the right key to the bride’s room etc but we decided to just stick with drinking shots of disgusting things lol.

The main ingredients

One shot of beetroot, because the groom hates beetroot. Turmeric powder added as ingredient X to mix things up and throw their taste buds off.

One shot of corn, because the groom hates corn. Milk added as ingredient X.

One shot of pure century egg, because I’m evil. >:D Only plain water added so nothing detracts from its grossness.

The bride helps prepare :D

We only half-blended them so that the texture will be lumpy and uneven, adding to the gross factor.

As a final touch, I personally blended colors to add to the shots:

Our concoctions :D

Blue is unnatural as a food color, so blue it is for the corn shot! Added a bit of green to give the illusion of molding food >:D

Beetroot was fine on its own because it already looked bloody intimidating. It’s a pun, geddit? … nevermind. You probably don’t bleed monthly then.

Added yellow to the century egg shot so it resembles like diarrhea. HAHAHAHA.

I think adding food coloring was a really good idea because it made the very normal food appear extremely revolting. I also chose transparent cups so the vileness of the contents will be on full display. PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, this is.

The X.D took one look at the shots and shrieked “WHAT IS THIS?!”

One picked up a century egg shot, sniffed it gingerly and his features rearranged themselves into one of absolute repulsion as he swiftly swung the offending cup away.

Right before drinking the blue corn shot, they kept questioning its safety. “Did you put detergent in it?!”

The reactions we got from the punishments were awesome, as was the game. This photo about sums up the entire gatecrashing:

The groom: Laughing from the absurdity of what he’s attempting to make.

The X.D: Waiting around for the punishment like cows for slaughter. One unable to accept reality and tries to stare down the punishment shots.

The JM: Looking extremely gleeful :D

The final products

Question 1: What’s her favorite animal at a natural history museum?
Answer 1: T-rex

Question 2: What’s her favorite flower?
Answer 2: Tulip

Question 3: Who’s her favorite person?
Answer 3: The groom

The X.Ds’ outbursts and yells of “HOW IS THAT A T-REX?!!” were priceless.

It was my first time hosting (er, taking charge of? I dunno what the correct verb is) a gatecrashing and I must say it was so much fun! Maybe I should make a job out of inventing wedding gatecrashing games because I have all these nonsensical ideas hahaha.

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