Running a shop

12 March 2015

I have always loved the idea of running a shop. But I’m starting to realize that may be all I love about it – the idea.

There are things I truly enjoy: shopping and deciding what items to sell, taking photos, packing orders and clicking that “Your order has been sent!” button. If it were a physical shop I would enjoy playing cashier too. In the case of an online shop, I replace that by periodically checking my Paypal account hahaha!

Then there are things I tolerate and accept: editing photos, deciding on pricing, listing items, doing up the website.

And then there are things I downright abhor: Having to deal with idiotic customers. Having to answer stupid question after stupid question. If I were in the sales or customer service industry, I would probably be arrested for throttling customers half to death, or shoved into a strait jacket. Assuming my blood pressure doesn’t kill me first.

Just today, I was asked, “Why is _____ so expensive?!” <– the ?! is directly quoted

Hello. Do you walk into Chanel and ask them why their bags are so expensive?! Expensive of course have reason la! Either because 1) the item is worth that price or 2) the seller is crazy, greedy or just simply picked the price with ok?

Why did you feel compelled to ask this redundant question? What answer could you possibly hope to get??? You want me to say “Oh expensive ah? You poor thing, ok la, I give you discount”…?

I also frequently encounter customers who ask a billion and a half questions (many of which I have already stated on the shop page!!! ugh!) I research, take time to present all the info nicely in the email, and then? *poof* They never even reply and disappear forever. Wtf. Why people like that one?! Hate people like that!

The worst thing is, when I encounter these people, I cannot rage at them cause must be professional and all, right? GAHHH. :A All the anger at these stupid/lazy people and nowhere to vent except on my poor keyboard.

Which is why I’m not particularly motivated to reopen my online shop. Right now, the unfun parts overwhelms the fun parts and I have too little tolerance and patience to keep up at it. I’m really not suited to do customer service. For the sake of my health, maybe I’ll open a shop when I have the money to hire people to take care of that for me hahaha.


  • Reply Ashe 13 March 2015 at 11:49 am

    I get this kinds of questions on a daily basis.
    I too, see no point in why they want to ask why is it so expensive? What can I do?? Why not just say ” Okay, thanks. ” and go off to find another shop that fits to your budget??

    I’m sorry, I’m ranting a little but it just irks me so much.
    Too bad I’m still getting them…

    • Reply Rin 14 March 2015 at 1:25 am

      Hey Ashe, sorry to hear that you get it too! >__< And IKR! Isn't clicking on another shop link easier than sending an email to the shop owner? I cannot fathom their thinking process. But I think this will be a fate all shop owners will be subjected to, unfortunately :(

  • Reply nurul 16 March 2015 at 11:28 am

    I’m sorry to hear that you are closing 24kei. It is hard to please everyone and not everyone has etiquettes when it comes to purchasing items. You are my only link to kawaii and good japanese stuff. Gonna miss you. All the best for your future plans :)

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