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6 March 2015

No Friday Five today because my internet has been down since yesterday!!! D:

I’m handicapped without internet! Almost all my work requires the use of internet!

Well I suppose this might be some greater force telling me to get off the net and go do other things.

It must have seen my recent want-to-do list that I wrote earlier this week but haven’t ticked off a single one even though it’s the end of the week :X

Let’s see… Read manga (that I bought last year), play games (ongoing since last year…), experiment with new craft materials I bought (not last year but earlier this week heh), do face mask… Sad I need to write the last one down, huh? Otherwise I’d never ever do it! Ahem. Let’s ignore the fact that I haven’t done it even though I wrote it down.

Okiedooks! I’ll be spending some time doing offliney stuff!

But I still hope to get my internet back soon heh. ;D

See you soon!

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