Life in Japan

The month of AMAYZING

12 May 2015

Actually, May is exciting rather than amazing, but I couldn’t resist the pun LOL


Let’s see… starting first with this!

Yesterday, I started my Korean basic II class after finally completing the alphabet in basic I! The previous class was going rather painfully slowly for me, and I’m just happy we are finally moving on to more interesting things now!

Know what’s the amayzing thing? (alert: braggart ahead)

I’m learning Korean not in my first language. Not even in my second language… but in my third language!!!

Is that cool or is that cool? Haha!

Yeah, as you can see from the picture, I’m learning Korean in Japanese!

It’s quite interesting though, because as the only non-Japanese in the class (the teacher was also extremely surprised to see a non-Japanese in the class lol), I realize how differently I learn from the native Japanese speakers.

Some things that are natural to me are extremely difficult for them. As the Japanese language has almost all the words ending with a vowel sound [e.g. na, ni, nu, ne, no], they have great difficultly pronouncing many Korean sounds which end with a consonant.

Instead of “kimchi”, they will say “kimUchi” lol.

But ok la, they are quite hardworking, much more than I can say for myself haha. If I watched K-drama and listened to K-pop, I consider myself to have studied very hard hahaha.


Next, another exciting thing I’ve been looking forward to:

I picked these up yesterday and finally started my teeth correction treatment!!! (It’s also the reason why I removed my wisdom tooth)

Although it’s not even 2 weeks since the wisdom tooth surgery and there’s still a frighteningly large gaping hole in my gum that hasn’t healed up, the doctor gave the green light to start, so I did!

I’m on aligner set 1 of 45. I have to wear each set for 2 weeks, so that puts completion at 90 weeks, or 1 year and 9.5 months.

Me… with straight teeth?! I can’t wait!!! (although it is a bit of a wait…)


Another awesome thing this month I’m looking forward to is…


Although it’s only for a very short period over the weekend, but even if it’s just an hour, I’d jump at the chance to spend it with her!

Already planned lots of things to do! Can’t wait to hang out together!!!


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