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May in Snapshots

31 May 2016

Gosh, how are we on the last day of May?! It really flew by too quickly! There goes my favorite month, with an upcoming month of rain :/ Well, at least there will be hydrangeas in full bloom in June!

Here’s May in photos!

May’s weather was excellent and we brought Milk Tea out a lot more since there is no longer the frigid cold or frightening winds.

Posing nicely for a photo

But actually the photo above bluff one. For every one nice photo, there were about 9 such photos:


Still super excitable when she goes out!

On another day:

We tried to get her on the high plank walk, and she followed the treat all the way to the top. Then after she ate the treat, she suddenly jumped off without warning!!! I screamed as if I just saw someone being murdered lol. I think it resonated for miles around HAHAHA. But omg, it was so bloody high!!!

Usually she would be scared stiff of heights but on this day, she didn’t show any hesitation and jumped! We went to the vet after and luckily there was no injury. Heart literally dropped out can -_-

And after my bloodcurling scream, she was afraid to walk onto any plank, including the short one in the picture above lol.

After the dog run, grooming session, and a visit to the vet, we returned home and this was what happened:

Complete K.O. lol

— —

I recently received my first pay check from my part-time job and treated Fu to yakiniku at his request!

A new place we discovered, and so wonderful! We didn’t stink at all even after eating here!!! We also won a 1,000 yen voucher, so we’ll definitely be back!

カルビー(kalbi) is SO DELICIOUSSSSSS.

— —

YY also visited, and we went to Fuji Q!

We sat on all the rollercoaster rides! :D :D

We also went on a mini pastry binge:

We bought some pastries from Hidemi Sugino and went to Ueno Park. Above are our favorites! YY likes the apricot basil (?) mousse (seasonal special) on the left, and I favor the mango basil mousse on the right :)

These cakes are really a work of art. So light, but so full of flavor! You can taste each of the distinct ingredients, yet at the same time they blend together so harmoniously. This man is a legend.

We went to Libertable next and it’s very different from Hidemi Sugino’s earlier. In the background is a french-inspired pastry with foie gras in it, and in the foreground, a mango and white sesame pastry which heavily reminds me of Chinese desserts. Imagine mixing 芝麻糊 (sesame paste) and mango pudding together. That’s how the pastry tasted.

Not a big fan of those above, but their truffle and cheese madeleine is TO DIE FOR.

— —

I also had lots of Kura Sushi this month! At least 5 times I think? Ahh, it’s such a simple thing, but I feel so happy to be able to live here and eat such delicious food! :D :D :D


In case you can’t tell, that’s extremely delicous shrimp, cheese and mayo blasted with a flame to become a mountain of melty, aburi perfection.

— —

I’m still obsessed with my sewing machine (which is a good thing since I invested a *cough* healthy sum in it and the other materials after all), and here is my latest creation!

A yukata for Milk Tea in view of the upcoming summer!

Because it obviously needs one more photo

I probably shouldn’t be the one saying it, but it’s ok since I’m honest. ISN’T THIS SO CUTEEEEE?!! Now I feel like making for all the dogs and babies I know!!!

— —

And that was (roughly) May! Still so much I want to do but time seems to always run faster than I can. How people can ever be bored is beyond me. There’s so much to do! So much to experience! So much to learn!


  • Reply yy 31 May 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Ahhhhhh all the Milk Tea pics!!! She’s SO ADORBS OMG. Also, Hidemi Sugino has totally ruined me for other desserts. I had a yuzu cheesecake thing from Gotran Cherrier after that day and the gelatine in the cheese part felt waaaay too much. Siiigh I miss Japan.

    • Reply Rin 2 June 2016 at 1:37 am

      Hmm then maybe you should never eat Hidemi Sugino again. EVER. Lol.
      (But I know what you mean…)

  • Reply Roy 2 June 2016 at 12:29 am

    Time to start accepting custom order for pet apparels !!

    • Reply Rin 2 June 2016 at 1:40 am

      Pretty sure absolutely no one would order because if I sell them, they’d be super expensive hahahaha (my time is very precious! XD)

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