10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

8 February 2017

It’s less than a week to Valentines’ Day! Do you celebrate it? I think either way any excuse is a good excuse to spend the day with your loved ones!

Here are 10 ideas to spend Valentines’ Day in Tokyo:

1. Tour Tokyo on water

The Symphony Cruise traces an adorable heart shape route! You can spot many main attractions of Tokyo from the comfort of the ship and even enjoy a full meal on board.

2. Spy Tokyo from the skies

Helicopter cruising – A unique experience that is bound to thrill and leave a deep memory!

3. Ascend to the top

For those restricted by a weak heart (or wallet), you can still enjoy the gorgeous views of Tokyo safely indoors from the tallest tower in the world, Tokyo Skytree.

4. Teleport to a magical world

Be entranced by the magic of the intricate and beautifully-designed theme park, and the only one in the world – Disney Sea!

My favorite area is definitely Mermaid Lagoon!

5. Admire the sunset from 115 meters

The ferris wheel at Odaiba offers a breathtaking view of the sunset as the sun slowly sets on Tokyo Bay and Odaiba island and makes way for the night sky.

 6. Dine by the waterfront

Have a quiet, romantic dinner by the Tokyo waterfront, at T.Y. Harbor Brewery with their unique brewed beers.

7. Connect with nature

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature’s beauty in the quaint Rikugien, my favorite park in Tokyo.

8. Watch sea animals swim in the sky

At Sunshine Aquarium, it almost seems that way, with the tanks placed high up and the sky as the backdrop.

9. Stargaze in the city

Also located in the Sunshine City building is Konica Minolta’s planetarium, where city stargazing is made possible. Opt for the Healing Planetarium where you can enjoy aromatherapy themed with the screening!

10. Battle it out

If taking the day slow and romantic doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, then fight it out with the wide array of activities at Spocha!

— —

As for me? I’ll probably need to make another post on 10 Ideas for Valentines’ Day in Tokyo with Your Dog because it’s just going to Milk Tea and me this year boohoohoo. Fu is going to gatecrash another couple’s Valentines’ Day! (and also their wedding day)

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