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5 Ways to Enjoy Sakura in Tokyo

Sakura season is finally here! The cherry blossoms started blooming in Tokyo on March 21, and expected to peak about a week later. I write about sakura every year, but really, how can I resist? They’re so gorgeous! And the fact that they’re around for…

25 March 2016
Friday Five Outdoor / Nature

5 Things to Do in Summer in Japan

We’re smack in the middle of summer right now, and while I despise the scorching heat and stifling humidity, it is undeniable that there are some activities that summer is perfect for. So for this week’s Friday Five, I will share some of my favorite things to…

7 August 2015
Attractions Friday Five Tourist guide

Where to Rent Kimonos in Kyoto

Last month, I posted our Kyoto Photobook where we strolled around Kyoto in kimonos, and for this week’s Friday Five, I will share with you where to rent kimonos in Kyoto! I will review the place we rented from, as well as provide several alternatives…

8 May 2015
Friday Five Life in Japan

5 Things Japanese Associate With Singapore

Whenever I tell Japanese that I’m from Singapore, I would always get the standard initial response. Without fail. It’s like they all sat through the same “How to react to when you meet a Singaporean” class lol. #1 – Marina Bay Sands This is the…

15 March 2015
Friday Five Outdoor / Nature

5 Things to Do in Spring in Japan

We are literally at the doorstep to Spring (which I’m extremely eager to welcome!) therefore this week’s Friday Five will be covering 5 things to do in Spring in Japan! Unlike in Singapore, where words like “Spring” and “Fall” are just meaningless phrases we…

28 February 2015
Friday Five Life in Japan

Buying a Car – 5 Ways Japan is Different

As you might have already read, we recently bought a new car! Although it hasn’t arrived, here are some practices I thought were quite different from usual so I’m sharing them in this week’s Friday Five! Oh, just in case it’s not clear, by “usual”, I’m…

20 February 2015