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The Icicles of Chichibu, Saitama

The past weekend, Fu and I made a trip to see icicles! The Japanese name for icicles is tsurara, which sounds so cute, hehe. We missed it last year, but this year we quickly went to buy snow tyres and went on a one-day…

16 February 2017

Visiting the Abandoned Island of Gunkanjima

Starting this month, I’m determined to chip away at my huge backlog of posts, so even though I visited this place last February, here it is, at last! About Gunkanjima Gunkanjima 軍艦島 is an island in Nagasaki and goes by many names. The official name is…

10 February 2017

10 Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

It’s less than a week to Valentines’ Day! Do you celebrate it? I think either way any excuse is a good excuse to spend the day with your loved ones! Here are 10 ideas to spend Valentines’ Day in Tokyo: 1. Tour Tokyo on water The…

8 February 2017

Goryokaku Tower and The Star of Hakodate

I’ve visited many observatory decks around the world, but the view from Goryokaku Tower in Hakodate, Hokkaido remains one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. So much so that when I recently saw a tourism poster of it at the station, I paused to admire how pretty…

24 August 2016

3 Best Places to Shop for Fabric in Tokyo

I have been obsessed with sewing for a while, and it’s finally starting to recede with the lack of space in the house – having to haul a 13kg machine along with all my boxes of sewing tools in and out of cupboards is seriously no fun…

18 August 2016
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Attending a Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

It was my sister’s first trip to Kyoto and I thought it’d be interesting to go for a traditional experience, and attending a tea ceremony was the first that came to mind! Upon researching, there are many places in Kyoto that hold tea ceremonies, but Chashitsu Ju-an…

12 July 2016

Spocha: Play-All-You-Can!

Want to do something different in Japan? Today, I’m going to share a place I like a lot: Spocha. What is Spocha? It’s an amusement center that’s SO. FUN. Ok, I suppose that’s not much help to anyone lol. Well, Spocha is a place where you…

9 June 2016