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Wish fulfilled

I came back from Hong Kong a week ago, and it was my most meaningful trip yet. It wasn’t that I am so enamoured with Hong Kong; It’s not my first time there. It’s more the reason why I went. I went there to…

27 December 2013
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One Year Anniversary!

We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary over the weekend! Time flies! Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating our silver… gold… diamond (?!!) anniversary! Actually, I don’t think we will celebrate diamond, or even gold actually. I cannot imagine living till so old!…

28 September 2013
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Kicking the bucket

By that, I mean kicking the bucket list in the ass. Of course, we could have kicked the bucket in its true euphemistic sense in our latest bucket list attempt, but well, we evidently didn’t, since I wouldn’t be able to blog this. There’s…

4 September 2013

Checking off the bucket list

Been crazy busy house-hunting and trying not to die from heatstroke the past few days! Finally had a bit of spare time to write this post that has been on my mind for a while… This year, Fu & I have been discussing and…

8 July 2013