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Hada Crie N3000, N830 – New 2014 Models

1.5 years ago, I splurged and made my singular most expensive beauty purchase – The $300 Hada Crie N2000 [review here] by Hitachi. I was informed last month by a reader (thanks Kelly!) that Hitachi was releasing new Hada Crie models (3rd generation) on November 1. They are CM-N3000…

7 November 2014
Beauty & Health Gadget

Hada Crie: The truth about N2000

Last June, I bought Hada Crie, a beauty gadget that makes use of ions to deep-cleanse and moisturize the skin. It was my most expensive singular beauty purchase, costing close to SGD 400. (it’s fallen to only $200+ now >_< lucky for those of…

16 January 2014
Beauty & Health Gadget

Hada Crie – Comparison of the different models

Have you heard of the magical beauty gadget, Hada Crie? If you haven’t, then lucky you! I’m about to potentially change your skin (and also your bank account). Hada Crie is pronounced ha-da, which means ‘skin’ in Japanese, and cree-ey as in creation (without…

27 May 2013