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The Last Wisdom

I DID IT!!! I removed my final wisdom tooth yesterday! The tooth was fully buried below the gum, and horribly slanted, so this is what they told me had to be done: Slice open the gum, file down bone, break tooth, extract tooth pieces, suture.…

1 May 2015
Beauty & Health

Hada Crie N3000, N830 – New 2014 Models

1.5 years ago, I splurged and made my singular most expensive beauty purchase – The $300 Hada Crie N2000 [review here] by Hitachi. I was informed last month by a reader (thanks Kelly!) that Hitachi was releasing new Hada Crie models (3rd generation) on November 1. They are CM-N3000…

7 November 2014
Beauty & Health

Silver + Pink glitter sandwich

No, not the bread sandwich, but the manicure sandwich. (i don’t think edible glitter is invented yet, is it? ok. just googled. it exists. crazy humans. but it’s pretty, i’ll give it that much.) I saw someone’s post on this design sometime back but only got around to…

20 February 2014
Beauty & Health

The Yomeishu Experiment (養命酒の実験)

I’m always cold. Even a bit of air-con will make ice blocks out of my hands. Much less the 5 degrees winter now =_= At night, my hands and feet get so cold that even after crawling under the warm covers (we have an…

7 February 2014
Beauty & Health

Galaxy nails!

I love pretty nails, although admittedly I’m not very good at painting them. In the past, I couldn’t even do as simple a thing as paint a smooth coat! The color will be thick in some places, thin to the point you can see…

4 February 2014
Beauty & Health Gadget

Hada Crie: The truth about N2000

Last June, I bought Hada Crie, a beauty gadget that makes use of ions to deep-cleanse and moisturize the skin. It was my most expensive singular beauty purchase, costing close to SGD 400. (it’s fallen to only $200+ now >_< lucky for those of…

16 January 2014
Beauty & Health

One thing that cured my daily sinus

Yes, I know how the title sounds. But I swear this is not one of those bogus-sounding “5 odd foods that kill belly fat” ads ok! The reason why I’m sharing this is because lately, I’ve encountered many people who are plagued by sinusitis…

14 January 2014