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Tsurutontan Udon Restaurant in Tokyo

A Japanese friend recently was craving udon, and she brought us to Tsurutontan (which I thought was such a cute name and so fun to say!) which is apparently a famous place that serves up good udon. I was expecting the usual traditional udon shop, but was surprised that it…

13 April 2016
Featured Food

Hidden Sushi Gem in Tsukiji Market

I was debating if I should post this, since this was a little secret sushi restaurant that Carys and I ate at in Tsukiji Market… but then I decided, heck. It’s not like my one post will cause snaking queues at this restaurant the next…

21 August 2015
Food Outdoor / Nature

Day Trip to Izu Peninsula 伊豆半島

Fu’s colleague was visiting from USA and since it was her last weekend, we asked her if she’d like to drive somewhere. We suggested flowers (it’s hydrangea season now!) or beach and she was more keen on the latter, so we headed there. June is…

2 July 2015

What to Eat in Gunma: Okkirikomi

Whenever I visit a prefecture, I always make it a point to taste their local specialities. I want to try all the delicious food all around Japan, in the place where it originated from because somehow it feels more special! Take for example, sushi. Sushi is…

27 June 2015

What to Eat in Nagoya: Hitsumabushi

One thing I try to do when visiting each prefecture is to try their 名物 meibutsu (local specialities). In Nagoya, one of these local specialities is  ひつまぶし Hitsumabushi (broiled eel)! Ugh, I feel so hungry now looking at this photo! >_< We headed to a pretty famous…

12 April 2015

Torikaku Restaurant, Tokyo

Sometimes, the best finds are those that you come across by sheer coincidence. One such chance encounter is this lovely place called とりかくTorikaku that Fu & I randomly picked out of all the restaurants available to our rumbling stomachs one fine afternoon. “Tori” literally means bird, but when…

9 March 2015
Food Life in Japan

Celebrating New Year in Japan

January 1 is the Japanese New Year, and while it’s not the first time I’m in Japan during this period, it’s the first time I’m making an effort to celebrate it the Japanese way! TOSHIKOSHI SOBA 年越し蕎麦 Japanese traditionally eat soba (buckwheat noodles) on New…

3 January 2015