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Misaki Maguro Kippu (Misaki Tuna Ticket)

Shu was in town recently and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Misaki on a little tuna tour, and obviously I said yes! Misaki Maguro Kippu is a special ticket bundle that comes with Train travel on the Keikyu line to…

4 October 2015

Hakone – A Day Trip from Tokyo

This visit to Hakone was part of a day trip I planned for Eric when he visited back in April :) Hakone is a small town in the neighboring prefecture of Tokyo, Kanagawa. Hakone is about two hours away from Tokyo and is famous for…

4 June 2015
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Bodyboarding at Kugenuma Kaigan 鵠沼海岸

Following up the previous rafting post with another water post! A couple of days before we left for Texas (meaning, about 2 weeks ago), we traveled to Kanagawa – neighbour of Tokyo – to bodyboard! As you can tell from the video, bodyboarding is…

16 August 2014
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One Year Anniversary!

We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary over the weekend! Time flies! Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating our silver… gold… diamond (?!!) anniversary! Actually, I don’t think we will celebrate diamond, or even gold actually. I cannot imagine living till so old!…

28 September 2013